Here's What You Should Drink If You Hate Plain Water

Drinking enough water is one of those Things That Healthy People Do, like meditating and enjoying kale. With good reason, too — not only does water keep us hydrated, but chugging H20 can help us lose weight by controlling hunger, according to Everyday Health. Also, dehydration is actually a pretty serious medical concern — sleepiness, headaches, and even feeling dizzy or light-headed can result, according to NBC News

But what if you just don't like the taste of plain water?  "I'd rather quench my thirst with castor oil than have to take a sip of water," admitted food blogger Chris Riley, a sentiment echoed by Alex Schmiggy, who said water "feels slimy going down my throat" (via Mel Magazine).

If you can relate to this hatred of water, don't despair — you don't have to guzzle it down to avoid the fainting couch. Other beverages — even coffee and tea — count towards your water intake. But you do want to avoid calorie-laden options, warned dietician Susan Bowerman in Discover Good.

Healthy alternatives to plain water

You'll forget you're even drinking water if you infuse it with fresh ingredients like fruit and natural mint. Toss these goodies into your favorite tumbler or a mason jar, then add water and refrigerate to really let the flavors steep and the colors brighten. Want some inspiration for what to toss in? Taste of Home offers several dozen combinations, ranging from "Melon-Berry Bliss" to a cucumber-and celery-infused recipe purported to taste like "Fresh Rain Water."

If all of this fruit chopping and steeping sounds like a lot of work, a faster way to add some sass to your water glass is to splash in some unsweetened fruit juice. Tart juices like cranberry pack the most punch (via Everyday Health) — pour just a tablespoon or two into plain water or, if you like a little fizz, mix it with club soda. Want a really easy way to jazz up your hydration routine? Ready-made water flavoring is perfect in a pinch. You can opt for a supermarket standby like Crystal Light, or if you want to get fancy, cheers to Walmart's famous rose-wine flavored water enhancer