The Secret To Making A Perfect Twice-Baked Potato

Potatoes are like a good pair of sneakers. They're foolproof, never go out of style, and go with just about everything. Just like there are a ton of ways to wear a pair of sneakers, there are at least a hundred ways to make a good potato. Rumor has it that Chrissy Teigen makes a mean scalloped potato. Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, has given us the secret to a perfect roast potato (and don't forget about Emily Blunt's version of roasted spuds that broke Ina Garten's website). But there's startling little celebrity guidance when it comes to baked potatoes. 

The silence is surprising. If potatoes are the sneakers of the food world, then baked potatoes are a pair of classic Adidas. You can't go wrong. Twice-baked potatoes? Even better. They're mouth-watering, buttery, and cheesy explosions of texture that are worth standing in line for. For hours. If you haven't eaten a twice-baked potato yet, then you haven't been living your best life.

Making a twice-baked potato? Secret ingredients do all the work

If you don't remember the basics of baked-potato baking, brush up on them. Making a twice-baked potato isn't all that different. Use a potato that's good for mashing, of course. You'll want to rub your potatoes in olive oil and bake them on the oven rack until tender. After they're done, scoop out their insides according to the recipe you are following. 

Here's where you want to be careful. According to Food52, the stuffing is key. A twice-baked potato is all about differences in taste, texture, and colors. When you mash the insides, use crème fraîche and cheese to ensure creamy, buttery, goodness — you could even use cream cheese if you want. But don't stop there. Mix in at least two more ingredients with contrasting colors and textures: bacon bits and broccoli. These are the explosions of crunch, salt, and freshness that will work wonders on your tastebuds. Return the potato to the oven until truly baked, and rejoice in the results. 

Fatal mistakes when making a twice-baked potato

Got all that down? Good. A double-baked potato, though, is not fail-proof. Here's where people go wrong. First, don't bake your potatoes in foil no matter how tempted you are to do so — not only is it potentially risky, but your potato will become soggy and weird (via State Food Safety). Second, never let your potatoes cool down before mashing them. You'll end up with a gummy or gluey texture instead of the fluffy one you crave. Third, and finally, Spend with Pennies suggests that you stay away from a mixer. Why? You don't want your potato mash to be the consistency of whipped cream — it's not a dessert, after all. Instead, use a potato masher. We promise, you won't be disappointed.