How To Order Starbucks' Legally Blonde Secret Menu Drink

Whether you're looking for something light and refreshing or for a drink that doesn't pack nearly as many calories as most Starbucks options, the latest secret menu item is the thing to order. In an effort to expand their Starbucks drink creations with fewer calories, the secret menu rockstars behind Totally the Bomb have created a treat that would fit in perfectly alongside Elle Wood's lounge chair on the Harvard lawn. Yes, there is now a Legally Blonde Starbucks secret menu drink (via Delish). 

The new concoction fits the bill perfectly for the beloved law student, but it also fits into the Starbucks rainbow well thanks to its pink hue. Along with the skinny yellow drink and the skinny orange drink, the new Legally Blonde secret menu item is as pretty as it is delicious. No one will even notice that it is a low-calorie treat thanks to the light sweetness of stevia, an all-natural sweetener (via Totally the Bomb).

What to tell your Starbucks barista for a Legally Blonde drink

Remember that there really isn't really a true secret menu at Starbucks. So if you walk into your local store and ask your barista for a "Legally Blonde," they might just give you a blank stare. Like most secret menu items, you will need to ask for this drink with specific directions, so take note of what to tell them. Don't forget to be patient and understanding either, and a tip won't hurt their feelings.

To order the Legally Blonde secret menu drink, you will need to ask for a Venti unsweetened Passion Tea without water. Next, ask for light heavy cream, two pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup, and two stevias to be added in. Order it shaken and poured over ice to finish it all off. The result is a very large 50-calorie drink that's a beautiful shade of light pink. Perfect for a Legally Blonde fan or anyone who loves to sport millennial pink as a major part of their wardrobe.

No need to worry if the drink will be good either. The team behind Totally the Bomb had their entire local Starbucks store taste test it to make sure the drink is as good as it seemed to be.