The Starbucks Cup Sizes That Aren't On The Menu

If you've ever accidentally asked for a tall, grande, or venti drink at a coffee shop that wasn't Starbucks, you're definitely not alone. These size names have become so culturally ingrained it can actually be jarring to hear someone ask for a "medium" coffee. But what you may not know is that there are three more Starbucks drink sizes (yes, three!) that you can order (via Starbucks).

The first Starbucks cup size that isn't on the menu is short, which is only 8 ounces (via Lifehacker). This tiny size is actually one of the two originals back when Starbucks first opened in 1971, along with the tall size (via Business Insider). While it may not sound like it belongs in the lineup of tall, grande, and venti, short was one of the original three size options available at the first Starbucks coffee house in Seattle. When a larger size was introduced to meet public demand (venti), short was taken off the menu to avoid crowding it, but you can still order a short drink for the child in your life or a very quick pick-me-up if you're ever running late. All espresso drinks have just a single shot, though, so keep that in mind (via Taste of Home).

The secrets of Starbucks' largest sizes

The next drink size not on the Starbucks menu is 31 ounces trenta, which was introduced in 2011 and can hold a full bottle of wine (via Business Insider). If you already knew that venti means 20 in Italian, it should come as no surprise that trenta is Italian for thirty (via This massive cup will set you back fifty cents more than a Venti iced (via Eater). Unfortunately for hot coffee enthusiasts, you can only get iced drinks in this size, but that makes it ideal for cooling off during the warmer weather. Just be careful about the caffeine. A trenta cold brew contains a whopping 360 milligrams of caffeine (via Caffeine Informer), which is almost your entire daily allowance according to the FDA.

One last Starbucks size menu secret you might not be privy to: Not all ventis are created equal. If you order a venti coffee, you'll get a 20 ounces drink, but if you order a venti iced coffee, you'll get 24 ounces instead. There's an extra secret when it comes to the venti cold: it includes an extra shot of espresso! According to Taste of Home, a venti hot drink contains the same number of shots as a grande, only two, whereas a venti cold contains three shots. Keep this in mind next time you stop at a Starbucks .