The Junk Food Ina Garten Secretly Loves

It's hard not to love Ina Garten for her popped collar flair and elegant approach to food and entertaining, but everyone needs a break sometimes. While a stiff drink is a pretty easy way to imagine Garten unwinding, there is actually one junk food she secretly loves. Of course, her pick comes from a high-quality brand that uses wonderful ingredients that make it a little luxurious, too.

Like many people, Garten has a weak spot for a pint of decadent ice cream from time to time. According to an interview with HuffPost, Garten's favorite junk food is vanilla Haagen-Dazs ice cream. At first, the lovable chef wasn't sure that Huffpost would exactly consider this junk food, but she went with it. Garten explained that, "it's all real ingredients but it's not so good for you—it's a treat," (via Eat This Not That). The interviewer agreed that vanilla ice cream counts, but when posing the question of what Garten likes to eat when she is drunk, she had no answers. She claims she can't hold more than one glass of wine.

Haagen Dazs isn't her only choice of ice cream

If you're looking to identify with Garten even more in her choice of junk food, know that she doesn't exactly discriminate against vanilla ice cream made by brands other than Haagen-Dazs. She loves Ben and Jerry's and Ciao Bella too (via The Kitchn). Just stick to anything that's well-made with great ingredients. Besides, quality vanilla ice cream is as simple and luxurious as the basic frozen treat can get, which sounds a lot like Garten herself. 

Honestly, it is hard to imagine Garten diving into a pint of her favorite ice cream. But, everyone loves eating a whole pint alone from time to time. If only there were footage of Garten tossing the spoon into an empty container while delivering her signature line, "How easy is that?"

So, the next time you need a sweet treat while curled up watching her television show, you know what to turn to.