This Is What Chrissy Teigen Eats For Breakfast

Sometimes it seems like the world is oversaturated with food don'ts. Even focusing on the things you shouldn't eat for breakfast — for instance, don't load up on white bread toast, don't mix orange juice and cereal. Instead, think about all the fit, healthy celebrities out there eating tasty breakfasts every morning, like Chrissy Teigen. While you might know her as a model, television personality, and as the wife of John Legend, Teigen is also the author of two cookbooks. So what does a model who loves food make herself for breakfast? 

It turns out the mother of two has (and serves her Grammy-winning husband) the same thing every morning: "Two eggs over easy with avocado and turkey bacon" with salt, pepper, and Cholula hot sauce (via Eat This, Not That). If you think recreating this meal sounds too complicated for your morning routine, it's actually simpler than you think. According to The Kitchn, the secret to over easy eggs is to wait until there's only a half-inch of unset whites surrounding the yolk before you flip the eggs with a spatula. Then, let them cook just 30 seconds on the other side, before sliding them onto a plate. If you're not a fan of spicy food, you can always omit the Cholula, or substitute a milder hot sauce to suit your preferences. 

Why Chrissy Teigen's breakfast is so healthy

According to Eat This, Not That, Teigen's breakfast is a very healthy option for a number of reasons, chief among them being the mixture of healthy fats in the eggs and avocado, and protein in the eggs and turkey bacon, which work together to keep you full until lunch. 

Also, while it might not be the most exciting way to start the morning, making the same meals each day is a great strategy for weight loss (especially if you pick a meal as healthy as Teigen's breakfast), since you're making the choice ahead of time, and not letting yourself give in to the whim of the morning. This strategy also prevents what scientists call decision fatigue, which is a fancy way of saying the more decisions you make in a day, the worse those decisions become. So, by not giving yourself the option of a decision first thing, you're saving that energy for the more important decisions that will crop up during the course of the day (via Entrepreneur). 

If you'd prefer something quicker and carb-based for breakfast like oatmeal, you can always save Teigen's breakfast for the weekend, when you'll have more time to cook and enjoy it anyway.