If You're Not Serving Nachos Like This, You're Doing It Wrong

Social media has done it again. Michigan-based TikTok user Stefanie (@stefherder) posted a video and has changed our collective culinary landscape. With over 3 million TikTok views and over 25 million Facebook ogles, it's possible that a lot of people have significantly upped their nachos night standards.  

Folks, this is the biggest news to hit the Nacho World since April 21, 2012, when 80 people at the University of Kansas stadium put together an 80-foot long, 5,000-pound heavy plate of nachos made out of 860 pounds of nacho cheese and beef (respectively), 1,200 pounds of beans, 315 pounds of jalapeños and 600 pounds of tortilla chips (via Delish). While that was probably super delicious, you might not want to go quite that big. 

But next time you're inviting a group of friends over to chow down on some crispy, corn tortillas topped in cheese, meat, beans, and salsa? Think a bit bigger than plate-sized servings. Save yourself the dishes, and spread your nachos out, smack-dab on top of the table — yes, really.  

How to pull off a nacho table when it's nacho table time

The best part of this TikTok hack? Like TikTok's 3-ingredient cloud bread or the lemon-juicing hack that had you making pitchers full of lemonade like it was no one's business, it's really, really hard to mess this one up. Just cover your table in aluminum foil (or any other easy-to-clean plastic covering), spread out as many chips as you think your party can stomach, and go to town. 

Sprinkle your chips directly with whatever toppings no one will object to. A good cheese spread (perhaps queso? or maybe even cream cheese?), ground beef, or beans? They'd all be par for the course. Then, place your more 'controversial' toppings in the center of the table for your guests to sample according to taste. The family in @stefherder's viral video added guacamole and salsa, jalapeños and onions, and red peppers and lettuce. When the party's over, just throw out your aluminum foil tablecloth. Voila! Clean up is over, too.