These Are The Worst Fruits Ever

Ahh fruit, the candy humans ate before candy was invented. And even though sugary treats like Birthday Cake M&Ms now exist, these vegetative snacks are still going strong. This produce can be delicious, plus it's potentially fun to eat food that was grown rather than made in a factory. 

However, every fruit has its critics. Some people can't stand the texture of blueberries, other folks don't enjoy the seeds in kiwifruits, and there are individuals that don't vibe with avocados. The fact of the matter is, that someone on this planet hates your favorite fruit, and that's okay. After all, their taste buds don't exist in your mouth hole.

So, with all of this in mind, let's take a look at two polls that Mashed conducted. These polls asked their Facebook and YouTube fans to decide which fruit is worst. Each user could then choose a predetermined option or mention a different piece of produce in the comment sections. Neither of these polls was scientific in nature, they're just a bit of fun, so try not to get too distraught if this piece mentions a food that you revere.

Figs were voted the worst fruit ever

Mashed's Facebook poll pitted the tiny fig against the giant watermelon. The fig lost this battle with 85 percent of the respondents voting it was the worst fruit. Furthermore, the fig was also the most shunned food listed in the YouTube poll, and this investigation included more than two options. As of the time of publication, 53 percent of YouTube's voters said that this option was the worst fruit. 

A bunch of people explained why they intensely dislike this fruit. One Youtube commenter stated that munching on the seeds is akin to eating grounded glass. Another said, "I hate slimy, mushy fruit, yuck!"

An additional few Facebookers didn't like figs because of the chance they might get a piece of fruit containing a dead wasp. Yup, you read that correctly. BBC's Science Focus outlined that a specific type of female wasp crawls inside of certain figs to lay their eggs. But there are two types of fig fruit, one's male whilst the other is female, and these wasps can only lay their eggs inside of the male figs. If a female wasp crawls into a female fig, there's nowhere for her to put her eggs, so her trapped body dissolves in the fig. She can't actually escape because each fig has a tiny entrance that'll remove her wings. 

As we humans eat female figs, it's worthing noting that the crunchy parts of it are seeds. But do with this information what you will.

Durian's smell put off numerous posters

Although Durian wasn't listed as a contender in either poll, a lot of people had strong feelings about this item. In fact, over 180 Youtube users said that the durian was the worst fruit in the comment section.

But why did so many people feel compelled to nominate this produce? Well, a fair number of commenters expressed that they couldn't stand durian's bad smell. "Durian, is the worst," wrote one naysayer. "Smells like feet and has a slimy texture." A different typer said its aroma was comparable to sniffing "dirty diapers and socks at the same time."

These sniffers aren't the only people that take umbrage with this food's scent. Culture Trip said that durians are banned on multiple kinds of public transport in Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong because its smell is just that potent. Singapore's taxis even have signs that tell the public that they cannot take this produce for a ride.

A lot of watermelon detesters exist

As this article previously mentioned, the watermelon was less abhorred in Mashed's Facebook poll than the fig. Nevertheless, this fruit had its fair share of critics. The Facebook poll revealed that around 250 individual users believed that watermelons are the worst fruit. A further 150 or so Youtube accounts voted for the watermelon instead of another piece of produce. 

A couple of people detailed why they don't like eating watermelon. "A good watermelon has the same consistency as a bad apple," said a Youtube user. "Can't get over it." An account on Facebook wrote that they used to enjoy watermelons, but nowadays they taste too watery. They then confessed, "Haven't had a good one in a long time." Watermelon has also been blasted outside the context of these two polls. First We Feast pointed out that the name of the fruit lets people know from the start just what sort of flavor awaits them — water. They went on to describe watermelon as "boring," "bland," and perhaps worst of all "barely-fruit-flavored wet sand." 

Grapefruit was slammed by multiple YouTube comments

Grapefruit is a rather mysterious fruit. Seriously, Mental Floss noted that we don't actually know if humans made this pomelo-orange hybrid on purpose or how this produce acquired its name in the first place. Despite the fact that the grapefruit is a bit of an enigma, 45 people still said it was the worst fruit. One user disclosed, "That fruit was too bitter for my taste buds."

Moreover, a number of commenters critiqued the grapefruit because its juice can affect some medications. And this is true. Dr. Larry Santora in a filmed interview says: "When you take medications, they have to be broken down or metabolized or processed by the body. Some are excreted in the kidneys, most are processed in the liver. There are certain things in grapefruit juice, the pulp, and other things like tangelos or Seville oranges, that interferes with the breakdown of these products. So if you take the grapefruit in, it's going to make the drug that you're taking more powerful."

Please note that the FDA has stated that not every drug is affected by grapefruit juice. If you want to find out if a specific drug is affected by this product, they recommended that you talk with "your doctor, pharmacist, or other health care provider and read any information provided with your prescription or OTC drug."

Cherries aren't universally beloved or adored

Mashed's YouTube poll allowed its voters to say that cherries were the worst fruit with just one click of the mouse. Seven percent of the participants ticked this option. A few users even explained their rationale for avoiding this produce. "I hate cherries," announced a commenter. "I hate the texture and seed." Another remarked, "Cherries are the worst. Has the taste of cough syrup plus the annoying pit that you have to spit out." You may also want to stop eating cherries because of their high sugar content. 

So what's behind this fruit's taste getting a bad rap? In 2001, the Los Angeles Times wrote an article called "Tasteless Cherries, Big Bucks" that criticized the current way the produce was being grown in North America. Howbeit, this piece expressed that the flavor birthed from these cherries didn't always suck. This report explained that cherries used to taste a lot better and but maybe weren't quite as visually appealing. It then goes onto explain that a whack of these drupes were being picked way too early and looked sweeter than they really were. Long story short, if we'd all have a little more patience about when cherries hit the market, we might get a tastier product. 

Dragon fruits were called out for not living up to the hype

The dragon fruit has an A+ name and possesses an incredible appearance. It sounds like a fruit that J.R.R. Tolkien's elves would dine on that temporarily turns their skin into scales. They additionally look like chrysalises made out of fire and bright green tentacles. 

That being said, more than 25 Facebook and Youtube users commented that dragon fruit was, in fact, the worst fruit. "It's overrated and tastes like paper," bemoaned an account. A different responder wrote that their beautiful exterior doesn't match their watery, bland interior. One other panner combined these two sentiments together and said, "Looks amazing but tastes like nothing."

If you think that these dragon fruit complaints are going hard, then you haven't seen anything yet. Sasha Chapin wrote a scathing review of this produce for National Post. He declared, "The dragonfruit is the very embodiment of disappointment." Ouch. Chapin then went onto say, "A total absence of flavor would be better than its insipid blandness. It tastes like a faintly remembered kiwi. It tastes like a fruit that gave up on life." Wow. Whatever the poor dragon fruit did to Sasha Chapin must have been downright terrible. 

Many a Mashed and Animal Crossing fan has disliked pears

Mashed listed one additional fruit in their YouTube poll. This option was the classic pear, and nine percent of the voters believed that it's the worst. "If they're not ripe and juicy, they're bland and dry," articulated a commenter. "Drop a yellow apple in a sandbox, congratulations, now you have a pear," said another.

While these complaints are tied to actual produce, a sole user joked that every Animal Crossing's player would say that pears are the worst fruit. This feels hilariously a little too close to the truth. For those of you who don't know, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a video game where you catch fish, dig up fossils, and chill out on a tropical island. You can also pick fruit, and some players take this gardening zealously.

Pedestrian outlined that each player arrives at their island, and it's populated with either cherries, apples, peaches, pears, or oranges, but the Animal Crossing fandom hates pears so much that people actually restart their game if they have them. So it seems that a segment of Mashed's voters and Animal Crossing fanatics share something in common. They both have a destain for the world-famous pear. A video game skewing people's negative opinions of pears in the real world might not be fair, but such is life. 

The smell of papaya revolted a bunch of respondents

Durian wasn't the only fruit with a smell that offended a portion of commenters. More than 35 Facebook and YouTube users said that papaya is the worst fruit. And although not every papaya opponent stated that this produce has a scent, a number of remarks voiced such an opinion. A Facebooker wrote, "Papaya smells like fart and tastes like feet." A YouTube account said, "It makes the fridge smell like vomit." Neither description does much for papaya's reputation. 

However, there is apparently a way to make the papaya smell and taste a lot better. SBS reported that all you have to do is squirt a bit of lime juice onto it. We even found a few tweets to back up this quick fix claim. Adam Chaim said, "If you don't like #papaya...squeeze some #lime onto it. It'll change the flavor & smell of the papaya & make it taste great!" Sepsenahki Aahkhu, professionally known as Chef Ahki, mentioned, "I used to hate papaya due to its smell... but now with a squirt of lime... I'm addicted!!"

If you're someone who detests the smell papaya, or thinks it's the worst fruit ever, then maybe you should give this hack a whirl. Who knows, maybe you'll end up having one more fruit that you love.

The tomato was ridiculed for having vegetable energy

An unknown number of people think that a good fruit is a sweet fruit. We currently don't know how many individuals believe this sentiment, but a couple of these thinkers expressed this opinion in Mashed's YouTube comments. They revealed their viewpoint by going after the tomato. "Tomatoes are the worst fruits because they don't have a fruit taste," asserted one opinion. Another said, "It isn't even sweet... If tomatoes are fruit then doesn't that make ketchup a jam?" Overall, more than 30 Facebook and Youtube users said that tomato was the worst fruit. 

The two aforementioned comments aren't the only pieces of writing that claim the tomato gives off vegetable energy. In 1893, the Supreme Court said that this produce should be classified as a vegetable because people colloquially refer to them as such. They argued that because people grow them in their gardens, serve them with dinner, and don't eat them for dessert, then they shouldn't be defined by their botanical definition. While the Supreme Court never said that tomatoes are the worst fruit ever, it is assuming that they would want to classify this fruit in such an unscientific way.

Then again, maybe if you don't like them you're simply eating tomatoes wrong

Some commenters don't like the texture of a banana

Bananas are arguably the most hilarious fruit of all time. Have you ever seen Buster Keaton's pratfall because of a peel? This gag could legitimately give you a chuckle. But just because this fruit has guest-starred in a silent movie, doesn't mean that everyone loves it. More than 45 Facebook and Youtube users said that bananas were the worst fruit. "Bananas are mushy, disgusting and smell terrible," exclaimed one commenter. "The only fruit I absolutely cannot eat."

"Bananas are the worst," bemoaned a different user. "They're disgustingly sweet, smell like baby vomit and they are kind of a sturdy, spongey, slimy consistency. I hate bananas."

These YouTube sentiments aren't the only scathing reviews of this produce that you will find on the internet. In 2012, Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic wrote a piece for The Washington Post called "Yes, I still hate bananas." In this piece, Lucianovic stated, "My lifelong loathing for the yellow fruit was conceived as a simple aversion to their texture that I went on to apply to all things mushy and gooshy: oatmeal, rice pudding, cellulitic flan. The mere texture of the banana was enough to ruin the flavor of the fruit altogether for Lucianovic. These opinions reveal that for some, eating a banana is no laughing matter.

A variety of apples were called out by the internet

Apples! Who doesn't love them? Well, a fair number of people apparently. More than 25 Facebook and Youtube users said that some sort of apple was the worst fruit. One commenter went after mushy apples, whilst another opposed soft apples. Velvet apples, bruised apples, and green apples were also deplored by different accounts. It seems as if several folks scorned some variety of this produce, but there was no consensus about which variety was king of the losers.

Even though Mashed's responders didn't agree on which specific apple is the worst, both VICE and The Atlantic indicate that this title should be wreathed around the red delicious. VICE took issue with both the apple's flesh — calling it "mealy" and "flavorless"  — and the skin, labeling it as somewhat bitter and tough to chew. The Atlantic offered a similar sentiment and asserted, that while it might be one of the most produced fruits in the U.S., it's not exactly popular because of its taste and "lurks in desolation." While raw apples might not be a popular snack, cooking with apples is pretty amazing

One genius said that holly berries are the worst

Every type of fruit that's been discussed in this article is somebody's go-to snack. Every piece of produce has its detractors, but it also has enough consumers that farmers can keep growing the stuff. Every critique you've read here can probably be rebutted. Therefore, the worst fruit ever would have to be inedible. And it just so happens that a YouTube commenter said that holly berries are the lowest of the low.

But are holly berries really that bad, are they actually inedible? Well, yes. In fact, these fruits are literally poisonous. Poison Control reported that these Christmas decorations can cause everything from drowsiness and dehydration to vomiting and diarrhea if they're swallowed. So as cute as these items look, don't put them on your next gingerbread house.

If you disagree with this call, and think that a different poisonous fruit is actually the worst, that's more than fine. We can judge all of these uneatable dangers together.