Why You Should Think Twice About Using Steak Sauce

The food experience is supposed to be one of enjoyment coupled with a little restraint to not overindulge because why would we ever eat something that didn't taste good, right? Yet, there are still people who use bottled steak sauce on their prized and expensive cuts of meat. In fact, according to Statista, in 2019, 3.32 million Americans used four or more bottles of steak sauce. Why would anyone ever put this stuff on a delicate filet mignon or spread it over a New York strip? It has us scratching our heads as well, and there are plenty of online discussion boards wondering the same thing. Moreover, it appears we all have come to the same conclusion. 

There really is only one reason that consistently comes to mind to cover steak with steak sauce, and that is to hide the taste of something that doesn't make your taste buds happy in the first place. Whether the steak is overcooked and dry – it happens – or the cut of meat simply isn't very flavorful or well-seasoned, bottled steak sauce can save a meal. We get that. But you may want to think twice about dousing your next T-bone steak with this sauce or slathering it all over your hamburger and here's why.

Steak sauce has a lot of sodium

Steak sauces like A.1. have been around for seemingly forever. Walk into a diner or burger shop and you will most likely find a bottle on the table. And clearly, they are flavorful or we wouldn't be buying them. However, before you tip the bottle over and start pounding on the bottom, you may want to check out the label. These tomato-based sauces that can have hints of orange, garlic, and other sweet and tangy seasonings are also full of salt. One tablespoon of A.1. contains 280 milligrams of sodium, or about 12 percent of your daily value (via My Food and Family). And who are we kidding? No one uses a single tablespoon. For all we know, you could end up consuming anywhere from 500 milligrams to 750 milligrams of sodium, maybe more, when you sit down and dip your steak or burger in this stuff.

So, instead of cracking open a bottle of steak sauce the next time you are enjoying your favorite cut of meat, try some healthier and maybe even more sophisticated options to step up your steak game, like a homemade chimichurri, which is loaded with healthy ingredients (via Hansen Foods). Or if you like and need the convenience of a bottled sauce, try a salt-free option from Mr. Spice or the seasoning formerly known as Mrs. Dash.