Why Everyone's Talking About Wawa's New Dinner Menu

Wawa fans are already well aware that there's a lot to love about the gas station's convenience stores, but there are big changes coming that are super exciting. While the first big announcement this year was that Wawa is opening its first drive-thru, the beloved chain with a cult-like following just dropped even more big news — Wawa is testing a new dinner menu.

Though Wawa has tried (and ultimately failed) with its first attempt at a burger and fries, the chain is testing a new take on it (via Philly Voice). "We always strive to listen to our customers, so we've spent time testing menu items in select stores, gathering feedback and perfecting our recipes with the goal of providing a family, group of friends, etc. the ability to select their preferred dinner while still enjoying a meal together," said Mike Sherlock, Wawa's Chief Product Marketing Officer (via Food & Wine). Hopefully, customers will like this version better. 

Along with the burger, pasta dishes will also be tested at around 15 locations. More than 100 stores will also be a part of the testing for Wawa's new entrée platter meals, and all Wawa stores will carry the new heat-and-eat meals. So, no matter where you might live within Wawa's six-state (and D.C.) territory, chances are there will be something new for you to try.

What you need to know about Wawa's dinner menu

There are quite a few new food items on the dinner menu, which is only available after 4 p.m., so customers will have plenty to choose from at their local Wawa through the end of 2020. The first of the two menu items that are undergoing a limited test include the burger, which is pretty standard with its all-natural Angus beef patty, a light bun, cheese, and a side of fries. The second offering is two kinds of pasta. You can order penne or fettuccine with alfredo, marinara, or Bolognese sauce. The pasta also comes with roasted vegetables, broccoli, roasted chicken, or meatballs, and Asiago cheese.

Next are the entrée platters and rotisserie-style chicken that will be more widely tested at 100 locations. The entrée platters include mains like braised chicken, pork roast, or pot roast that are served with two sides. The rotisserie-style chicken is served with mac and cheese.

Finally, the six heat-and-eat meals that will be tested at all WaWa locations include options like penne chicken alfredo with broccoli, chicken and broccoli, chicken breast, spicy boneless wings, penne pasta with meatballs, and mac and cheese with barbecue pulled pork.

So, find out what your local Wawa will be testing, and go try the new dinner menu for those who unfortunately do not have a Wawa nearby.