The Biggest Way You're Annoying Aldi Checkers

You love Aldi. Your friends love Aldi. Who doesn't love Aldi? All the basics, lower-cost versions of your favorite grocery store brands, and always something new to try — so much goodness in just five aisles. Aldi is also known for having speedy and efficient checkers. So why would you want to annoy them? You wouldn't! So be polite and courteous, get off your phone, have your card ready, and most importantly, don't even think about taking the checker's cart (via Taste of Home).

Have you seen these customers? The ones who miraculously balance their Côtes de Provence Rosé, a loaf of L'Oven Fresh bread, a giant Mama Cozi's pizza, and some Simply Nature organic red pepper hummus without dropping a thing, only to nab the cashier's cart when they realize, hey all this stuff is heavy? Remember that there's a system, and one of the unwritten rules at Aldi is: Unless you're prepared to go outside, drop your quarter, and bring her a new one, hands off the cashier's cart!

Never ditch your cart

Forgot about an important appointment? Running late for the school pick-up? It happens. But if it happens while you're shopping, don't just abandon your cart. It clogs the aisles, and that ice cream you just chose? It's toast. On your way out, tell a cashier or another employee so they can move the cart and re-shelve the items. They will benefit from the heads-up.

Similarly, resist the temptation to abandon your cart in the parking lot. Sure, it's just a quarter, but part of the reason you can enjoy such low-priced goodies is that Aldi keeps its costs low. This means there aren't extra staffers waiting around to corral stray carts left in the parking lot. Do your part and return it to the sidewalk, or, better yet, pay it forward and gift it to the shopper who just pulled into the space next to you. It's good karma, and who couldn't use a little bit of that?