You'll Regret Eating Brad's Organic Peanut Butter. Here's Why

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Peanut butter is a relatively simple spread that is both healthy and nutritious. Sweet and salty, this childhood favorite is made up of 25 percent protein, contains a fair amount of fiber, and tastes so good on a sandwich (via Healthline). It has you licking the knife you used to spread its deliciousness onto your bread. But when it comes to this butter, the best spreads are those that contain just a couple of ingredients – peanuts and a little salt. If you are looking at a label, ingredients you don't want to find include hydrogenated oils, added sugar, and other sweeteners (via Food and Nutrition). Perhaps, this is what makes organic peanut butter so appealing to health nuts. 

Organic peanut butter is made from peanuts and salt. Nothing else. For this reason, when you open up the jar, you will find that the oil has separated from the butter and it will need to be stirred together before you use (via My Fearless Kitchen). A variety of these types of peanut butter line grocery store shelves and some simply may not taste as good as others. My Recipes did a taste test of 11 different peanut butters, including organic brands like Brad's. If you are trying to figure out what kind of organic peanut butter to eat on your next PB&J, you might want to skip Brad's Organic peanut butter. Here's why you might regret eating it

Brad's Organic Peanut Butter can be oily

Brad's organic peanut butter has been around for a while – over years, according to the company website. But judging from some online reviews, they still have not perfected this peanut butter. My Recipe was really turned off by the amount of oil they found, which made stirring a challenge because it dripped over the jar's sides. When it came to taste, Brad's wasn't rated as horrible, but it wasn't good either. One reviewer to pronounce that it tasted "like the peanuts on the floor of Five Guys, but not in a bad way." While they said they wouldn't avoid Brad's altogether, it sounds like they wouldn't go out of their way to buy it. 

Others might go out of their way not to buy it. One Amazon reviewer wrote, "I only buy organic peanut butter and this stuff is not good at all. This peanut butter is SO OILY. The oil spills and gets everywhere when you first open it and even after stirring for 5 minutes straight, it's still very liquid and no spread. It also tastes like cardboard." Ouch. Another Amazon reviewer compared Brad's peanut butter "to soup, which I spoon up and take a dose or two, having a liquid at hand to remedy possible choking." Peanut butter is meant to be enjoyed. If you are looking for an organic option, My Recipe recommended Whole Food's 365 Organic Peanut Butter, calling it the "surprise favorite".