The Easy Hack To Get Eggshell Out Of Your Eggs

Making eggs can result in a delightful meal — except for when the shells end up being part of the ingredients, yielding a crunch inside your scrambled, fried, or sunny side up eggs. No one wants this. While eggshells can be used as a calcium supplement, this hard outside coating protecting the egg can also cause harm or discomfort to your throat if the eggshell fragment is large and you swallow it. And some eggshells might even contain bacteria, putting a consumer at risk of food poisoning if they were to accidentally eat it (via Healthline). So, what can you do if you crack an egg and notice a shard of eggshell is suspended in your gelatinous egg whites?

Luckily the internet heard the cry of this question and has been willing to share the tricks of the eggshell-cracking elite. The good news is they are all pretty easy, except the one that involves a strainer. And to that end, we support the movement to "just say no" to putting cracked eggs through a strainer (via Business Insider). But there is one hack for getting eggshells out of your eggs that you may have figured out simply through experience. What is it?

Use your wet fingers to fish out the egg shell

Per Food 52, the easiest way to remove eggshell that has fallen into your raw eggs is by wetting your fingers and then simply diving into the eggs and fishing out the eggshell slivers. And there's some science behind why this trick works so well. Harold McGee, a food science writer, told the blog that the reason this works is because when your hands are dry, the egg whites stick to your fingers so you can't grab the shell, but when they are wet, you can do so without any problem. The only downside to using this technique is that you will end up with raw egg dripping off of your fingertips, which could be contaminated with bacteria. But that's nothing to get overly upset about. Just wash your hands with soap and water after the mission is accomplished.

Still, Business Insider suggests not being so quick to toss the eggshell halves away after you crack your egg. They found you can use the halves of the eggshell to "scoop" out larger pieces of cracked eggshell that have fallen into your eggs. Whichever method you employ, you will be ensured eggs without an extra texture of crunchy shells.