Gordon Ramsay's Pizza Recipe Has An Unusual Ingredient

Gordon Ramsay is a fan of butter chicken when it's movie night, chicken wings when on the road, and his "mum's shepherd pie" when in need of a little comforting (via Food and Wine and WebMD). And on the weekends? Ramsay likes to explore the local farmer's market, picking out produce for family dinners. He's happiest when he's experimenting with new ingredients. "The smallest tweak can change the entire taste of a dish," says Ramsay. Man, are we grateful he knows that. 

We like to think Gordon Ramsay came up with this, unusual pizza variation after wandering through the farmers market with his five kids (yes, there are five) and picking out shallots, garlic, and sweet, sweet ... wait for it ... corn (via PopSugar). Corn as a pizza topping isn't, of course, a novelty. But corn sauce as a pizza base, replacing your typical tomato, pesto, or white sauce? That's something that only a culinary genius could come up with. Ramsay shared his Corn, Chorizo, and Chicken Pizza dish on Instagram in May 2020. We've been seriously reconsidering our pizza standards ever since. 

If you want to have Ramsay's pizza made for you, book a flight to London. It's served to pizza-hungry customers at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza. For 15 British pounds of bottomless, Ramsay-approved pizza, the flight might be worth it. Alternatively, you can make his sweet corn pizza sauce at home.

How to make a sweet corn puree pizza base that would impress Gordon Ramsay

If you're like us, your mouth is already watering. To prepare Gordon Ramsay's sweet corn puree as a pizza base, you'll need four cups of sweet corn, one cup of water, a banana shallot (it's a cross between a shallot and an onion, and while we won't say anything if you use a regular shallot or regular onion, Gordon Ramsay might), 1/8  cup of butter, a clove of garlic, and chili powder and salt to taste. 

It's not – believe it or not – rocket science. As Ramsay told WebMD, "Sometimes the best dishes are ones with only a small number of (great quality) ingredients." Amen. All you'll need to do is saute your shallot and garlic until they're translucent. Then, add in your sweet corn and cook for 10 minutes. Finally, pour in your water and let the mixture simmer until the corn is soft. That's all! Remove from heat, puree, and season as you see fit. 

Remember, just because Gordon Ramsay adds mozzarella, chicken breast, chorizo, coriander, and onion to his sweat-corn puree-based pizza, doesn't mean you have to. Do as Ramsay does: experiment a little.