The Starbucks Secret Menu Pumpkin Pie Frappuccino Changes Everything

Fall is just around the corner, but for many Starbucks customers, the date on the calendar is just a formality. Pumpkin spice latte season has arrived, and that's good enough for plenty of people. However, with pumpkin spice season comes a slew of other secret menu drinks that you can order from your favorite coffee chain, like the chocolate pumpkin Frappuccino. If there weren't already enough options of pumpkin-flavored drinks for you, then there's one more on the secret menu that you can try now: a pumpkin pie Frappuccino (via Delish). 

If you're an avid customer from the secret menu at Starbucks, then chances are you're pretty familiar with Totally the Bomb, the website behind so many of the secret drinks. The team is back at it and they're the ones behind this amazing pumpkin pie Frappuccino. It might sound like it's pretty similar to the pumpkin creme Frappuccino, but this drink has spices and other flavors added in to give it even more pumpkin pie flavor.

How to order a pumpkin pie Frappuccino

The best part of all is that you can order this in three steps (because, as you may or may not know, no secret menu officially exists at Starbucks). If you ask for the drink by name, your barista might just stare a hole through you, so be prepared to have patience and order step by step. Don't forget to leave a tip for the barista's extra effort too.

To order a pumpkin pie Frappuccino, you'll need to start with a grande pumpkin creme Frappuccino. Ask for it to be made with heavy cream, so that it will taste extra creamy and rich. Next, ask for cinnamon dolce syrup and cinnamon powder to be added in. To top it all off, ask for whipped cream with cinnamon dolce sprinkles. The combination of spices and cream make this a cozy drink that tastes just like the fall dessert you know and love. Not to mention, the whipped cream on top is just like the real thing on the pie. So visit your local Starbucks and give it a try today.