Costco's Shrimp Scampi With Pasta Is The Dinner Shortcut You've Been Missing

Last year, the Costco chicken street taco kit made the rounds online as an intriguing foodie find. With everything you would need inside for a tasty family meal, it's easy to understand why. Not to mention, the $1.35 price tag per taco was a win (via Frolic Hawaii). Well, now there's a new dinner kit ready to make your mealtime easier: shrimp scampi with pasta (via Instagram).

The kit appears to contain fresh pasta, herbs, grape tomatoes, lemon wedges, a container of raw shrimp, a container of shredded cheese, and a container of sauce. The ingredients look fresh and the price may be right — depending on how many people you are willing to share with! But is this quick and easy meal kit really worth your money? Or is it more cost effective to buy ingredients piecemeal and prep the dish from scratch?

Is the new Kirkland shrimp scampi with pasta worth the money?

One Reddit user posted a picture of the new shrimp scampi meal kit on the r/Costco subreddit, and claimed that it was "really good," but fellow Redditors were quick to take issue with the price. One user commented on the post claiming that three pounds of shrimp scampi made from scratch should only cost about $10, or $3.33 per pound, while the Costco kit will set you back about $20, or $5.69 per pound. This might not seem like a huge difference to some, however, to Costco enthusiasts it's clear that value really matters.

However, some of us are willing to spend a little more for the sake of convenience, and in those situations it's great to have a tasty and reliable alternative to ordering out or reheating a frozen meal. For those times, Costco's meal kits are great. If you're really busy, you might also want to check out their meal delivery kits (via Costco). For $124.99, you can get seven healthy meals for four that are ready in just 30 minutes (that works out to just under $18 per meal, or about $4 per meal per person).