Why Everyone's Talking About Eggo's New Seasonal Breakfast Treats

Fall and winter are always good for some tasty seasonal treats and regardless of what the calendar actually says, that favorite time of year has officially arrived in the world of food. With things like Pumpkin Cookie Butter Shakes and White Chocolate Peppermint Bark Coffee Creamer available at every turn, we are 100 percent on board with the times. We're also honestly not getting out of bed for anything less than sugar and spice these days so the latest holiday-themed treats from Eggo have us very excited. We're not talking about waffles, though. Eggo is bringing the autumn and winter flair with seasonal pancakes.

Eggo recently launched their new Pumpkin Pie Pancakes and Gingerbread Cookie Pancakes, making it possible to celebrate #fallvibes and bring a little holiday cheer to your table first thing in the morning (via Delish). According to some savvy Instagrammers, these goodies hit stores last week and it seems breakfast fans everywhere couldn't be happier.

Eggo's pumpkin pie and gingerbread cookie pancakes are tasty and convenient

The news of Eggo's Pumpkin Pie and Gingerbread Cookie pancakes had us ready to L'Eggo our traditional Eggo pancakes right away and we're not alone. When Instagram user @candyhunting posted about these limited edition pancakes, followers couldn't get to that "like" button and the heart eye emoji fast enough. We get it – the flavor of pumpkin pie infused into pancakes just seems like the best possible way to do breakfast this time of year. Traditional pumpkin pie spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove are the perfect match for fluffy pancakes topped with butter and maple syrup. And who doesn't love gingerbread cookies with all those same spices plus the richness of molasses? That's a pancake game changer.

Aside from being tasty, these Eggo pancakes are also super convenient. We assume they're just like Eggo's traditional pancakes, which would mean they come frozen and you just pop them in the microwave. So, yes, you can have all the feels of scratch-made baked goods for none of the effort, and that's exactly the kind of situation we need in the early morning hours. If you're wondering where to purchase these pancake treats, you'll have to keep your eyes peeled in your local grocery store's frozen aisle. Instagram user @mask_djevojka_igrac scored hers at Safeway and we're sure other retailers are soon to follow.