This Plant-Based Egg Product Has Vegans Excited

The world of meatless meat has gotten exciting in recent years, as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have taken plant-based proteins to the next level, and fast food chains like Burger King have explored new, meatless alternatives to their classic menu items. We already have convincing plant-based fried chicken, and Forbes reports that experts are working on plant-based seafood.

One glaring omission from the world of vegan-friendly, animal protein substitutes has been patched with JUST Egg, a plant-based egg substitute that comes in two varieties: a liquid that is good for eggy dishes like scrambled "eggs" and French toast, along with a pre-made, folded version that you can heat on a skillet, in an oven or microwave, or even in your toaster, Pop Tart-style. 

Per Thrillist, the mung bean-based product is completely vegan, and while it contains a very egg-like amount of protein, JUST Egg has the cool added advantage of being cholesterol-free.

What vegans are saying about Just Egg

A healthy, vegan-friendly spin on the delicious and versatile egg is a welcome addition to any diet, but can JUST Egg actually compete with the real thing when it comes to taste and texture? Many vegans believe it can. 

As Kathy Carmichael of Kathy's Vegan Kitchen put it, "Even though I am not an egg fan, I took a bite, and [my husband] was right, the taste, smell, and texture are very similar to an egg." Rafid Nassir of VeganLiftz agrees with the sentiment, noting JUST Egg's many uses: "I like it because I made it with a lot of snacks like waffles, omelets, fried rice, and French toast. Even Pad Thai can easily be made with this. It scrambles just like eggs, and I barely notice a difference." 

JUST Egg has been quietly wowing vegans for a while, receiving rave reviews when the liquid variety was first introduced to the plant-based protein scene back in 2018. As Plant Based News tells us, Vegan bloggers Toni Okamoto and Michelle Cehn both sampled the newcomer and were rather enamored with it. "I think it's really good," Okamoto said of JUST Egg. "I think the texture is good, I used to eat eggs like they were going out of style... it tastes very familiar." Cehn agreed with the sentiment, saying "It looks exactly like eggs. That is crazy — and the color — the color is spot on. I'm so in awe of this." High praise, indeed.