This Is Kroger's Most Underrated Frozen Dinner

Even if you've never stepped foot in a Kroger, you've probably been in one of their many grocery stores which is made up of more than 24 chains including Kroger, Ralphs, Fred Meyer, Dillons, Smith's, Metro Market, Fry's, and Harris Teeter, according to the Kroger website. Kroger is a huge company, as are the grocery stores that bear the name, but what keeps many of its loyal customers coming back is the Kroger in-house label. Food52 says that buying Kroger's store brand will not only save you your fair share of pennies, but also get you quality products. If you don't trust us about the savings, check out the outlet's price comparison, which found a difference of $1.30 between the Kroger house brand pie crust and the Pillsbury brand and 80 cents savings between Kroger brand cream cheese and the national brand Philadelphia's version. The savings are real.

Kroger's frozen food section is almost as popular as the grocery store chain itself. The section offers up incredible options for snacking and appetizers, as well as meals that can easily satisfy a hungry family. What's even better, Kroger house brand frozen foods won't break your weekly grocery budget. However, as with all grocery store sections, the Kroger in-house frozen products are not all created equal; and some get a little less love than others, but do you know what the most underrated Kroger frozen dinner is?

Don't skip the Kroger brand frozen pizza

Kroger's most underrated frozen meal is their Self-Rising Pizzeria-Style Pepperoni Frozen Pizza — yes, you read that right. We know what you're thinking, no frozen pizza ever really tastes that good, but these babies are the ultimate underdog when it comes to Kroger's frozen food offerings. Trust us, this frozen pizza is way better than most and will surprise your taste bud's sensibility. One user on the Reddit message board r/frozendinners wrote of the pizza, "Yeah I was surprised how well it turned out." though they admit they "...did have to pry the frozen pepperoni apart and distribute properly while waiting for the oven to preheat." Another Reddit user stated they found the product to be "Pretty good for a $3 pizza." That's right, just $3 per pizza. A third Reddit user on the same thread shared, "These always turn out pretty good and they're super cheap in my store, like $2.29 each."

Fooding Science also gave this pizza a pretty good review for what it is, saying "It is not bad at all guys, not bad at all." A commenter echoed the sentiment, saying "You can't beat that for $2.50." and suggesting others really take this affordable dinner option to the next level by adding "...a little marinara on top and added a little shredded cheese when I took it out the oven. Best cheap pizza I've had." So, the next time you're shopping at a Kroger, don't feel judged for loading up your cart with these frozen pizzas. Your mouth and your wallet will thank you.