Gordon Ramsay's Instagram Post Of His Son Has The Internet Flipping Out

Some pictures are worth more than a thousand words — for instance, the snapshot recently posted by Gordon Ramsay of his adorable one-year-old son Oscar (via Instagram). The caption of the post reads simply "Good morning like father like son....." but the photo itself shows so much more than just a family resemblance. In it, Oscar is making a scowl that rivals his world-famous father's (think of any time a chef on one of his shows messes up a dish), and Instagram is eating it up.

The post quickly gained thousands of comments from fans and friends alike. Most took the opportunity to poke fun at some classic Ramsay television moments, with comments like "this breastmilk is raw," and "Reminds me of the face we see when someone in Hell's Kitchen undercooks the chicken." Even MasterChef finalist Nick Digiovanni joined in, writing, "He has the face of a rising food critic" (via Delish). But what was Oscar really upset about?

What Oscar Ramsay is really scowling about

While most of the social media comments mention the stunning resemblance between Oscar and his famous father, some were left wondering what exactly could have caused this oh-so-cute glower, and whether it was food-related. As entertaining as it is to theorize, a little sleuthing reveals what the youngest Ramsay was actually frowning about, and it makes the picture even better.

A quick trip to his mother's Instagram shows that she posted the same photo of Oscar before her husband did and captioned it: "The face I get when I am late with his porridge....." (via Instagram). Suddenly it all makes sense! The expression is strikingly similar to that of Chef Ramsay as he's calling out "where's the lamb sauce?!" and it seems Oscar has inherited this particular frustration, not to mention the ability to express it, before he's even mastered talking (via YouTube). All he needs now is his own show and a tiny chef's coat.