The Sam's Club Miniature Pie Hack You Need To Know

Everyone loves a good slice of pie. Still, in this hectic modern life, who has time to actually hit the kitchen and bake them on the regular, let alone eat giant slices on a daily basis? Sure, you can get all sorts of delicious store-bought varieties, but there's just something about that personal self-made touch that elevates a home-cooked pastry above and beyond anything made on a production line. 

Well, above and beyond almost anything made on a production line. 

Sam's Club, everyone's favorite membership-only retail chain, has offered its members a convenient way to make tiny, delicious mini-pies to die for. What's more, the ingredients come on the cheap and the pies are deceptively easy to make, making them perfect, tiny delicacies for the pie-craving person on the go – or, as it happens, in a hurry to cater for a party. The recipe revolves around one of Sam's famous pies, and it's one of their many bakery secrets you wish you'd known sooner. Let's take a closer look at the Sam's Club miniature pie hack you absolutely need to know.

A simple cookie-cutter trick to make many delicious mini-pies

Most kitchen hacks are easy as, well, pie, and this is all the more true when the hack happens to involve literal pie. In fact, a peek at the Sam's Club Pinterest reveals that their miniature dessert pies are just a few quick cuts away. All you need is one of Sam's Club's Member's Mark Pumpkin Pies, a can of whipped cream, and a two-inch biscuit cutter. 

Here's how you do it: Take the cutter, stamp it into the pie to make a cool, round mini-pie. Repeat the trick until you've made as many of these as you humanly can. Then, apply a generous glob of whipped cream on top of each and every disk of pumpkiny goodness, and ... that's it. Congratulations! You've just made a delicious bunch of miniature pumpkin pies. What's more, we're pretty sure that any pie with a similar texture that you happen to desire will do, in case pumpkin isn't your thing. Just don't let Sam find out.