What You Should Know About Oreo's New Rainbow Cookies

2020 has been... a year. With a global pandemic, not to mention important causes like Black Lives Matter and the raging fires on the west coast, it can sometimes feel like there isn't enough public attention to go around. Well, Oreo is challenging that notion with the launch of a new campaign in partnership with the organization PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), and it isn't even Pride Month (via Twitter)!

In their tweet, Oreo writes, "We're PROUD to announce the first-ever Rainbow OREO Cookies made in honor of our partnership with @PFLAG. Join our #ProudParent campaign and you could snag a pack of Rainbow OREO Cookies!" The cookies sport seven different colored fillings that match the colors found in the Pride flag; however, you won't be able to find them at your local convenience store — at least not any time soon (via Delish). In order to snag one of these limited-edition packs (and there are only 10,000 available), you'll have to do a little more than simply shell out some cash.

How to get your hands on a pack of rainbow Oreos

Oreo's new campaign is accompanied by a touching short film/advertisement called "Proud Parent." You can find the film in its entirety on YouTube, but to give you a brief rundown, it follows a young woman bringing her girlfriend home to meet the family for the first time. At first, there is some palpable tension between the protagonist and her father, however in the end he makes a real (and very sweet) effort to show his love and support. This seems to be the main idea behind the campaign, with the advertisement ending with a quote: "A loving world starts with a loving home." Meanwhile, PFLAG's website describes the film as highlighting "the true importance of family love, support, and affirmation," encouraging allies to come out in "loud, public support."

It should therefore come as no surprise that, in order to snag one of these limited edition packages of rainbow Oreos, you'll need to show an act of allyship towards the LGBTQ+ community. To enter the giveaway, take a picture that demonstrates what being an ally means to you and post it on Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to include the hashtags #ProudParent and #Giveaway in your caption, and double-check that you're following @OREO. Regardless of your feelings on the cookies themselves, it's nice to take a break from the constant barrage of stressful news to see companies encouraging acts of empathy, kindness, and support.