What You Didn't Know About National Pizza Month

America has celebrated National Pizza Month every October since 1984, according to National Today. Many people celebrate pizza every day, so what makes October special? Could it be that Halloween is one of the busiest days of the year for pizzerias? That's true, according to The American Pizza Community. But that's not why we have National Pizza Month. It all began when Gerry Durnell launched the pizza industry trade publication Pizza Today. Durnell created National Pizza Month to coincide with the publication of the first issue of Pizza Today. In 1987, the U.S. Congress made National Pizza Month official (via Pizza Today).

National Pizza Month has afforded pizzerias, consumers, and die-hard pizza fans new freedom to celebrate and promote everything pizza related throughout the month. For example, since 2002, pizza fan Sean Taylor has toured well over 500 pizzerias in his annual 31 Days of Pizza quest taking place during National Pizza Month (via 31 Days of Pizza). The nonprofit Slice Out Hunger has raised more than $1 million to fund hunger relief by hosting events like its NYC $1 Slice Party.

How you can celebrate National Pizza Month

Pizzerias love that National Pizza Month brings more attention to their businesses. Look around and you'll see freebies and deals everywhere, from big chains to small mom-and-pop pizzerias. Search #nationalpizzamonth on social media to find additional menu specials near you. Online catering company Pizzatime will be giving away a free virtual pizza party for 50 people to celebrate National Pizza Month (via a PR Web press release). And, if you enjoy cooking, Netflix chef Gabe Bertaccini will be showing off new pizza recipes to ring in pizza month (via Living Out Loud).

Want more ways to celebrate National Pizza Month? Enjoy more pizza! Order one, make one, snap a photo, and tag the pizzeria and #nationalpizzamonth on your social media accounts. This is the best month for you to go wild with pizza. Try something new to you, like Hawaiian pizza, Detroit-style, or vegetarian. You may discover a new favorite slice, or create new connections within your pizza posse.