This Is The Most Expensive Pear In The World

Delicate fruits that are carefully and lovingly looked after make up some of the most expensive in the produce world. Some are unbelievably expensive, like the pineapples of the Lost gardens of Heligan in England, which cost more than $1,000 each, or Roman Grapes in Japan, which can be auctioned at $9,350 for a single string of ruby grapes (via Fresh Plaza). But, there's one fruit, a pear, that is still quite expensive and receives quite a lot of attention to be grown the way that it is.

This specific type of pear is the most expensive in the world and hails from China. While you might be used to seeing pears packaged carefully and wrapped in gold-colored foil from places like Harry & David, these pears go beyond even that level of care. These particular pears are so perfect, you might even think they're photoshopped. But look again, and you'll see they are, in fact, very real.

This is how much these pears cost

One man, Xianzhang Hao, who lives in the Hebei province of China, grew 10,000 of these pears, which are better known as "Buddha pears," in his backyard in 2014. At the time, they sold for $8 each, and people loved the trendy fruit. For most people, however, it was about more than just the aesthetic of the pears. "These pears are really popular because they represent good luck," Hao told Sina China (via ABC News). Apparently, Hao was inspired by an ancient Chinese myth about a magic fruit shaped like Buddha that would give immortality to whoever ate it.

Today, these pears are sold for $9 each, though there's no promise you'll gain an immortal life as a result (via Alux). To make these special pears, a plastic mold is placed around the fruit when it is very small and young and still on the tree. As the pears grow, they fill the Buddha-shaped mold, making them look like small statues. Once the molds are completely filled, the molds are removed from the fruit and they continue to grow freely. By the time the pears ripen, they look just like Buddha.

After so much effort to create this sculptural fruit, the $9 price tag is well worth the effort. And you never know. They just might bring you luck, if not a life that never ends.