This Is The Best Pizza Place In Illinois

When you think of pizza, you generally don't immediately think of Illinois (unless you live there, of course, and are trying to get one delivered). Nor, when asked to name a list of famous Illinois foods, would you necessarily think of pizza right away. Unless, of course, the location was narrowed down further to add the word "Chicago." Ah, now you're talking! Chicago deep-dish pizza is famous worldwide, and may even surpass the iconic Chicago dog as the city's signature food.

It may come as no shock, then, to find out that the state's best pizza place is located in the city that Ol' Blue Eyes called "that toddlin' town." While we're not quite sure what makes the town toddle, we're pretty sure we know what makes it waddle, since Chicago-style pizza is so thick and gooey you've got to eat it with a fork. So where can you get Chicago's (and, it should go without saying, the entire state's) best pizza? While some might vote for Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder Co. and others (except for Emily-who'd-best-stay-in-Paris) would name Lou Malnati's, The Daily Meal's 2020 ranking of the nation's top 101 pizza joints lists the Second City's Pequod as the #2 pizza in the entire country. 

People are passionate about Pequod's

The Daily Meal calls Pequod's synonymous with Chicago and says it appeals to locals every bit as much as it draws in the tourists. USA Today 10Best also chose Pequod's as one of its favorites, calling the signature dish "pan pizza made heavenly by a sprinkling of cheese between the dough and the pan." Despite the fact that the pizza appears burnt on coming out of the oven, they describe the taste as "a perfect marriage of crusty bread and caramelized cheese" and also shout out the generous helpings of toppings. The outlet also notes that the restaurant offers a pretty amazing deal on a weekday lunch special: Under 5 bucks will get you a 7-inch cheese pan pizza, and for a dollar more you can get a drink.

As for the voice of the general public, well, Pequod's has 4-1/2 stars on Google with nearly 7,000 reviews. One local guide called it "hands down the best pizza of my life," saying that even though it's deep dish, it doesn't taste too bready, but because of the caramelized crust, "you might just fight over the crust with whomever you're sharing with!" Other accolades include "a truly mouthwatering pizza," "amazing to eat till the last bite," and "hands down the best pizza of my life." While no two Chicagoans are going to agree on everything (this is a city which has two baseball teams, after all), it seems that Pequod's is certainly a strong contender for Illinois' most nearly-perfect pizza.