Why The Internet Has Raised Thousands Of Dollars For This McDonald's Employee

A McDonald's employee's simple act of kindness has blossomed into a huge return for the teenager, who was just trying to help a stressed-out mom. Wyatt Jones works at a McDonald's in Waynesville, Ohio, hoping to save up enough from his paychecks to buy a car. That didn't stop him from spending a little of his own money on a stranger's meal.

Brittany Reed arrived at the drive-thru window where Wyatt was working, ready to pick up dinner for the family. Her tired 4-year-old had started crying before they even got in the van. By the time she pulled up to the drive-thru, all three children in the car were crying, for one reason or another. Reed started to cry, too, once she realized she had forgotten her purse. As Reed told the story in a Facebook post that has gone viral, she then told Wyatt she needed to cancel her order. Without hesitating, and before Reed could stop him, Wyatt swiped his own card and paid for the meal himself.

The mom posted the story to a Facebook community page for Waynesville, hoping Wyatt's parents would see it. The post ended up being seen around the world, according to a feel-good news story by WLWT 5 in Cincinnati.

Employee's kindness toward a customer who forgot her purse is rewarded

Reed's Facebook post linked to a GoFundMe page for Wyatt, intended to help him get that car he wanted. Reed set a fundraising goal of $5,000, but Wyatt's going to be able to get something nicer, after an outpouring of support from thousands of donors. The GoFundMe post has raised more than $46,000 so far. Wyatt will use the money to be a sensible car, according to WCPO in Cincinnati.

"I just want his parents to know how KIND & COMPASSIONATE your son was tonight!" Reed wrote on Facebook. "This is exactly what we parents are trying to do, raise great humans. Well Wyatt sir, you are an amazing human!!!"

Reed ended up returning later that evening to the McDonald's, to give Wyatt cash — more than what he had paid for her family's dinner. He tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted. Reed had some simple advice for Wyatt on Facebook: "Do not let this world change your kind heart young man, for it's people like YOU that will change this world for the better!"