Costco's New Maple And Pecan Lava Cakes Have People Talking

There are certain desserts at Costco that everyone seems to love, and not just for the delicious desserts themselves, either. Pots & Co, a brand based in the United Kingdom, is known for making rich desserts that come in their own reusable ceramic containers (via Delish). While you'll probably love having a few more ramekins in your kitchen cabinet, the desserts themselves are pretty delicious too.

Pots & Co desserts have hit the shelves of Costco in several different flavors including upside-down lemon cheesecake, apple cinnamon crumble, and even chocolate fudge lava cakes. While all of these flavors have made this Costco dessert one that should definitely be in your freezer right now, the latest fall-inspired flavor has everyone particularly excited. Rather than give you even more pumpkin spice in your life, Pots & Co just released a maple and pecan lava cake, which is a refreshingly different cozy fall flavor. 

Instagram user CostcoBuys spotted and posted these on October 10th, and people responded right away. One user said, "I'd buy these just for the ceramic pots," while another simply said, "these are SO good" on Instagram. Others commented to express how badly they want this new flavor while someone else said, "I have a small collection of these pots now... not sure if that's good or bad," which sounds like it sums up just how tasty these are.

Here's what you need to know about the new lava cakes

Lava cakes are pretty hard not to love thanks to their deliciously rich and oozy centers. While chocolate lava is classic and certainly a crowd-pleaser, this maple pecan version of the dessert is a caramel lover's dream. The handmade cake itself is cinnamon flavored and has a molten maple caramel center that's topped with crunchy pecans. It sounds like the perfect fall dessert, especially since it includes no artificial ingredients, either (via SheKnows).

So, keep an eye out for these amazingly good freezer desserts at Costco. They might not be at your local store just yet, but be patient and keep your fingers crossed that they will be stocked near you. You definitely don't want to miss out on this ooey-gooey spiced dessert or its oozing caramel center. Besides, if you're already an avid fan of Pots & Co, you need to add the ceramic pots holding this lava cake to your collection.