These Presidential 'Go Vote' Cakes Are Designed To Be Smashed

There are few things that unite this country right now, but we can probably all agree that we a) can't wait until the election is over, and b) listening to the opposition's political stumps just makes us want to smash things. If the party who's voices grate against your ears most is that of Donald Trump and Mike Pence — we've got just the treat for you. 

West Town Bakery and Diner in Chicago has released a signature Go Vote Smash Cake. Delish states that these tiny cakes resemble the smashable cakes popular at early birthday parties. Instead of featuring baby-friendly puppies or rainbows, however, these cakes feature a rather unflattering likeness of Mike Pence with an eye problem and an angry Donald Trump. Advertised as a sweet treat to help take out your frustrations, these creations are only available in one flavor (vanilla cake, vanilla frosting) and are meant to be destroyed. The Trump design heavily features orange sprinkles and the words "Smash Me" while the Pence cake mirrors this look in yellow. The bakery notes that cakes do not come with a mallet, but cost $15 and require a 72 hour advance order. And in case you are wondering, while parts of Illinois may be politically red or a mixed purple, Chicago itself is pretty solidly blue (via Chicago Mag).

West Town Bakery makes sweet statements as well as political messages

The owners of this bakery are not new to using their sweet treats to make a statement. Proceeds of each Go Vote Smash Cake will benefit the ACLU of Illinois. On the bakery website, The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group co-founders Greg Mohr and Scott Weiner are quoted as saying, "We encourage everyone — our employees included — to go to the ACLU of Illinois website and register to vote and know your voting rights. Vote like your life depends on it — because it truly does. Everyone's voice deserves to be heard in this election."

But this bakery's expression through food is hardly limited to the 2020 election. The innovative bakers also featured a pink ghost cookie who shouts "" to raise awareness for breast cancer and posted series of tribute cakes to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg (via Instagram). You can also find whimsical designs like Disney and cartoon-themed creations, get a laugh with your own Dunder Mifflin cake for an office party, or shout your community pride with an ongoing sweets theme announcing, "My Block, My Hood, My City." In addition to sweets, this full-service bakery also provides savory foods. Describing their establishment, the bakery's website says, "West Town Bakery blends Chicago's urban street art and music while focusing on the techniques and flavors of the pastry scene. From our managers and chefs to our bakers and baristas, each member is instrumental in the creation of our breads, pastries, coffees and cakes, based on the principal belief that everyone should be able to have their cake and eat it too."