The Reason Eric Ripert Can't Stand Gordon Ramsay

Chef Gordon Ramsay has made quite the name for himself throughout the years. From his Michelin star restaurants to his shows like Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef, Ramsay has cemented his star power in a way many chefs haven't been able to. The thing Ramsay is most known for? His overly outspoken and highly in-your-face demeanor when he appears on his shows. Ramsay has become synonymous with a "no holds barred" approach to the kitchen that has not only been spun into numerous memes, but has rubbed many of his fellow culinary colleagues the wrong way. 

Chefs like Mario Batali, Marcus Samuelsson, and Jamie Oliver, have all come out and confirmed feuds with the British chef. Although he doesn't have an outright feud with Ramsay, French chef and practicing Buddhist Eric Ripert has openly spoken out about the huge disservice that Ramsay's TV persona and shows do for the culinary industry at large, as it paints the kitchen environment and chefs in a less than stellar manner.

Why isn't chef Ripert a fan of chef Ramsay?

When it comes down to it, both Ramsay and Ripert possess a difference of philosophies when they are working in the kitchen. Eater reports that Ripert took to Twitter to share how Ramsay's approach provided little inspiration to aspiring chefs. "Smart chef [sic] lead kitchen by sharing, teaching, inspiring with respect. Not insulting, abusing, humiliating their team," expressed Ripert. He also shared this same sentiment with the late chef and close friend Anthony Bourdain

According to the same Eater report, Ripert referred to Ramsay's TV persona as "absolutely scandalous" in a conversation with Bourdain, calling him out on choosing to be brash as an excuse for TV entertainment. "He goes back home, I go back home. I look at myself in the mirror, I'm happy with myself. I am not sure he is happy with himself looking in the mirror," he revealed. But those weren't the only times he's spoken out on Ramsay's persona, he was also very candid in an ABC interview with Dan Harris citing that no one should be proud of hostile behavior from chefs in the kitchen and how it is sending the wrong message.