Monster's Newest Flavors Have Everyone Talking

It's here — the moment energy drink fanatics have all been waiting for. Monster Energy has released two new flavors for their Juice Monster line, and the extreme energy drink world is, fittingly, abuzz. One flavor — Khaotic — isn't necessarily a brand new concoction for Monster, but rather a revamped version of their original Khaos juice flavor. The new and improved mixture is an orange citrus number that they have lightened up and readjusted for a taste that, according to their website "is better experienced than described." The second is called Papillon, in honor of the "humble butterfly," that has a peach and nectarine flavor profile (via Monster).

Monster also enlisted the services of street artist RISK, who designed the cans and the one-of-a-kind car — yes, car — that will go to the winner of a giveaway for the new flavor launch (via Bevnet). The graffiti artist, described by Los Angeles Magazine as a "pioneer of street art in Los Angeles," incorporates elements of SoCal's car, surf, and skate culture into his colorful, vibrant artwork. This collaboration makes total sense for a company that started out as Hansen's Juices, selling juice in the 1930s to the Cali culture purveyors themselves (via Fortune and Hansen's).

What Monster fans are saying about the new flavors

Instagram account candyhunting posted their initial impression of the newly minted Monster Juices, which compared to Monster's classic energy drink offerings. The review was mixed, and of Khaotic, they wrote, "I'm not a fan of this one, since it has a medical, Flintstones orange vitamin aftertaste." Papillon went over better, with an enjoyable "authentic peach flavor." Fans seemed as enthusiastic about Papillon: one user, punziekitten, wrote "The Papillion is so good omfg." Another user compared it to the classic, fan-favorite Peach Ring candies (via Instagram).

Over in the Twittersphere, one fan compared Khaotic to "Sunkist soda" while others lamented the loss of the old Khaos flavor. Others made demands: "Papillon better taste like butterflies," tweeted user @Slipshod20. Overall, it appeared that Monster drinkers worldwide seemed to echo the same sentiment of excitement, with some agreeing that these new designs and flavors were a highlight of 2020. What a year this has been.