The Surprising Food Trends Whole Foods Says Will Dominate 2021

Grocery shopping is one of those essential parts of growing up that automatically welcomes you to adulthood. Once shoppers embark down the path of grocery lists and weekly specials, there's no going back. The designated family shoppers are always on the hunt for the greatest BOGO deals and hottest trends that they'd like to introduce their loved ones to in hopes of making weekday meals and snacking a little more exciting.

Enter the Whole Foods Market Forecast for 2021's top food trends. Fox News reports that the future of food is about to look very different in the upcoming year, with things like veggie jerky and chickpeas getting some much increased love. According to the report, many Americans are looking to eat healthier in the next year. In a statement, Whole Foods' Chief Marketing Officer, Sonya Gafsi Oblisk, explained how there was a radical shift in consumer trends during 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gafsi Oblisk expressed that food trends are a sign of what is going on at the time, and said that their predictions reflect just that.

Whole Foods is making some hefty claims about the future of food

What's on the docket in terms of food trends for 2021? Whole Foods asserts that the average pantry will never be the same again after things like pastas, sauces, and spices all get hit with a little something special. They predict things like hearts of palm pasta and applewood-smoked salt will become pantry mainstays for some. Coffee will also be getting a little love as well, with things like coffee-flavored granolas and smoothie boosters stocking store shelves. Since more and more people are staying home, breakfast foods will also be a major focus, as people might look to make weekday pancakes a thing.

Food boundaries are predicted to further blur as the worlds of food and supplements continue to merge. More foods will be infused with immune system-supporting compounds. You may also begin to notice products made with underused food parts (think vegetable pulp leftover from making juice or unattractive fruits) called upcycled foods, in an effort to lower food waste. Two other trends Whole Foods says are on the rise? Chickpea-mania is set to grow further, while olive oil is going to see more competition with products like walnut and pumpkin seed oils. Parents are also being set up for a big win in 2021, with baby foods beginning to include adventurous ingredients like rhubarb, purple carrots, and flaxseeds. The company asserts that "hard" kombucha will also be making waves, and that meat-free jerky products are predicted to become more popular than ever.