This Viral TikTok Coffee Creamer Hack Changes Everything

It's a struggle we all know well — you are up early, bleary eyed, and just want a cup of coffee. The good news? The beans have been ground, and your coffee maker just poured enough hot, delicious brew into the carafe for you to steal your first cup. All that's left to do is open the coffee creamer, and you are home free! But that darn foil seal won't budge, no matter how much you attempt to peel or puncture it. Grr.

Well, one mom wants everyone who has ever found themselves in this predicament to be spared the annoyance of opening a new bottle of coffee creamer once and for all. Sharing under the username carlyrose352, the self-proclaimed coffee lover's video sharing a life changing hack for freeing creamer from the foil seal has been viewed a mind blowing 1.3 million times. And once you see her hack, you'll want to share the clip with all of your coffee house friends.

How to open coffee creamer in an instant

Don't think this mom is not just like us — she captions her viral video, "Been drinking coffee since I was 17 and I learned this last week" (via Daily Mail). All you have to do is unscrew the cap from the bottle of coffee creamer. Next, flip the cap open. See that tab that sticks out from the top of the lid? This is what carlyrose352 uses to puncture the foil seal. Finally, screw the cap back on. Pour your coffee creamer into your coffee. Life is instantly better.

"You're welcome," the brilliant mom says simply at the end of her video. And yes, we sincerely thank her for improving our mornings. While feedback to her tip was overwhelmingly gracious, of course, as per the state of the world, not everyone was satisfied by her hack. "Genius idea but does it trigger anyone else to leave the foil on it tho?" a commenter asked. Another noted this hack wouldn't work for them, saying, "But I need to remove every single piece of foil."