This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Too Much Sour Candy

Candy is one of the most irresistible guilty treats you can get your hands on. All sorts of taste sensations qualify as candy — some sweet, some spiced, and that bittersweet experience you encounter whenever you bite into an exquisite sour candy. According to Delish, one of the most sour candies ever is a treat from Sweden called the Super Surt. The candy looks innocent enough, with its colorful and vibrant exterior ... until you bite into one. The intensity of the taste hits you hard. 

Many folks are die-hard sour candy fans and can eat multiple servings in one go without batting an eyelid. Ah, but guess what? As you probably know somewhere deep inside you, too much sour candy is definitely not a good thing for your health. After all, "candy" is one of the operative words, but the impact of this specific over-indulgence is more complicated than you'd guess. Read on for more details on why it's a wise choice to enjoy sour candy treats in moderation (tempting though the alternative might be).

Your tongue may peel off

What's the problem with mindlessly eating sour candy? According to an article posted at Food Network, if you don't control your sour candy intake, you end up with a tongue that starts peeling. (Yikes.) Supermodel and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen recently brought this fact into light when she revealed that one of her cravings during pregnancy has been an undying love for sour candy, which in turn led to her tongue peeling. She said that she has been "eating so much sour candy that my tongue is falling off." Uh-oh.

This is not a random occurrence, either. It can happen to any of us. Basically, sour candy has a lot of acid can lead to unwanted pain and a sore tongue. Eventually, the top-most layer of skin may peel off. The good news? This is expected to resolve itself in a short period. But you still may want to go easy on that packet of sour candy for the sake of your tongue.

Also, here's a handy tip: Drink lots of water when you're eating candy (especially if you binge on Halloween candy). The liquid will help move the bits of sugary treat along their path, helping you protect your teeth.