Goldbelly's New Pumpkin-Shaped Bagels Aren't What You Think

If you've already overdosed on all things pumpkin spice, there's good news: the new Goldbelly pumpkin-shaped bagels deliver on all things adorable and fall-themed, without the pumpkin flavoring (via Delish). That's right, while they look like they'd be pumpkin flavored, or maybe even just spiced, these adorable pumpkin-shaped treats are just fancy-looking plain bagels... with a green licorice stem for an added sweet surprise.

These festive breakfast foods are made by New Jersey-based bakery The Bagel Nook, and you can get a pack of twelve 5-inch bagels for $49 (via Goldbelly). An added pound of cream cheese (and what's a bagel without a spread?) will cost $12 to $15 depending on the flavor you choose. The bagels are made to order, so it's recommended that you either serve them immediately or freeze them for up to six months until you are ready to serve. If pumpkins aren't your thing, there is almost certainly bagel option by The Bagel Nook and sold on Goldbelly that will entice you.

More mail-order bagels sure to make your mouth water

If being stuck at home has sent you down an internet rabbit hole of YouTube videos and Instagram pictures featuring brightly-colored and beautifully-presented bagels that feel far out of reach, the truth is, for better or for worse, you can order many of them right to your door via Goldbelly. Want a rainbow bagel? How about a dozen of the tie-dye breakfast foods for just $39? If that isn't crazy enough for you, you can try the bakery's sweet Cap N' Crunch flavored bagels with Cookie Monster cream cheese for a back-to-school breakfast that will get just about any kid out of bed in the morning. 

There's always The Bagel Nook's unique Overloaded Cheetos Flamin' Hot Bagels, which are exactly what they sound like: bright red and orange tie-dye bagels infused with Flaming Hot Cheetos, that you can order with either ghost pepper cream cheese to really up the spice or cool ranch cream cheese to counter the burn. Your order comes with a small bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos as well. Appropriately, these loaded bagels cost a bit more, but you can get a dozen delivered for $79, including the pound of flavored cream cheese. Don't forget to load your sandwich up with even more Flamin' Hot Cheetos in the center to create the perfect Instagram photo and really bring the crunch.