This Is The Best-Tasting Brand Of Instant Coffee

Most people aren't surprised to learn that coffee is the world's most popular drink, with about half of the United States' adult population drinking it every day (via How Stuff Works). However, what most coffee connoisseurs might not know is that a huge portion of the world actually prefers instant coffee to the freshly-brewed version (via The Washington Post). After all, not only is it quicker and easier to make instant coffee, it's cheaper too; but for many coffee snobs, these accolades aren't enough to make the switch to instant coffee, since it has a bit of a reputation for being weaker and tasting worse.

You might be surprised to learn, then, that instant coffee has made some real progress in the taste department in recent years, and might even be good enough to sway you to the dark (roast) side. If you're curious about the instant stuff but unsure where to start, the best-tasting brew according to Yahoo! Life, is from a brand called Waka that only makes instant coffee. And, in case it wasn't convenient enough already, you can buy their product online and get it delivered via Amazon. But Yahoo! isn't the only one taking note of this new brand. 

More reasons to give Waka instant coffee a try

Of course, you shouldn't just take one taste test's word for it when it comes to coffee comparison. Luckily, The Pioneer Woman rated Waka the best medium roast instant coffee and Epicurious rated it as a best gift. Not only that, but Roasty Coffee also deemed it their top instant coffee choice of the year, and The New York Times Wirecutter review put it at number four on their list. 

Waka has been praised for the smoothness, depth, and low acidity of its instant coffee, but they deserve even more points for their partnership with Charity: Water, a non-profit working to bring clean drinking water to regions in need (via Roasty Coffee). Plus, they're reportedly pursuing Fair Trade and Organic certifications. So, when you're running late, on the road, or just feeling a bit lazy, you can feel good about reaching for the instant stuff without sacrificing on flavor.