Colonel Sanders Just Got A New Look. Here's Why

If you recently saw KFC's Colonel Sanders and did a double take, you're not alone. The fresh-faced, pretty-boy appearance you might have noticed was inspired by the November charity event Movember, according to Creative Bloq. That's right, the Colonel pictured in the KFC France logo removed his iconic moustache to mark the start of the event. Parisians were introduced to the younger-looking Colonel on November 1st, via a logo designed by Sid Lee Paris, which appeared on the KFC France website and social media. Colonel Sanders returned to his former hairy faced-self the next day.

Movember began in 2003, when two Australian friends, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, had a goal to make moustaches trend again. The pair convinced 30 people total to rise to the challenge and go the month of November without shaving their upper lips. The next year, Movember grew to nearly 500 participants and raised over $40,000 for various men's health projects. To date, there are more than 6 million "Mo Bros" and "Mo Sisters," and the organization has helped to raise more than $700 million for men's health projects, with a focus on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention (via Movember).

How to participate in Movember

This is not the first time KFC has participated in Movember. KFC in Ireland and the UK shaved Colonel Sanders back in 2014 in support of men's health (via Twitter). The fried chicken chain isn't the only brand partner for the charity event this year, either. Pringles UK also joined with Movember, removing the iconic moustache on Mr. P (via Twitter). Those interested in participating in Movember are instructed on the event's website to shave their facial hair at the beginning of November, and then let it grow out for the rest of the month, raising awareness of and encouraging donations to men's health projects.

If you don't have a moustache to grow, the organization says you can support the cause in your own way, by setting a walking or running goal of 60 miles for the month or hosting an online event. A similar, but different, cause you may have associated with Movember, is No-Shave November, or NoShavember. This cause began in 2009 and raises awareness for cancer. Those who grow their hair during the month are encouraged to take the money saved from shaving and donate it to cancer research (via CNN).