This High-Tech French Press Lets You Brew Coffee On The Road

For a lot of people, coffee is an essential. Wouldn't it be nice to brew up some quality, French press coffee no matter where you were? The company that makes solar-powered ovens and coolers that actually work now has what go-anywhere coffee fiends are looking for. GoSun's latest product, available at an introductory price on Kickstarter, is a coffee maker and cup all in one. And it only needs the power of the sun to operate.

The GoSun Brew is a 12-ounce cup with a built-in heater and French press. The power source for this high-tech coffee mug is a three-pound box that can be charged by the sun and holds enough power to brew eight cups of coffee — or charge a smartphone 22 times (via SNEWS).

"Now not only can you power your laptop and power your devices, but you can also power yourself with coffee at the same time," GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin said.

The solar-powered coffee maker brews a hot coffee in 10 minutes, not including however long you want the coffee grounds to steep before pushing the plunger. The device is also good for making hot tea or instant soup. It even warms up baby formula and pasteurizes water so it is safe for drinking.

Make coffee in the wilderness without starting a fire

One of the selling points of the GoSun Brew is that it enables you to make a cup of coffee in the wilderness without starting a fire or firing up a portable gas stove. Flames and forests can be a bad combination. "Unfortunately, fires are dangerous and can be highly destructive as we've seen so much this year," CEO Sherwin said. "It's time to stop the burn, and now is the time to go solar."

The Brew will retail for $99 but can be ordered through Kickstarter with a $59 pledge (via FoodBeast). You'll probably want that power box — called the GoSun Power 266 — which costs $499 but is available with a $269 pledge on Kickstarter. The charging box can get its own charge from solar grids available from GoSun, or by plugging it into a car or wall outlet.

The GoSun brew just came out, and we couldn't find anybody who had reviewed it yet. It is reassuring, though, to see that GoSun's oven has gotten good reviews. The oven cooks raw meat, vegetables, and cookies in less than an hour — if the sun is good (via Insider). GoSun's cooler doesn't have solar panels on it but can get solar power indirectly, from GoSun's panels and power box. It stays cold for up to 24 hours and can even get cold enough to freeze water or store ice cream (via Nerd Techy).