You've Been Storing Pecan Pie Wrong This Whole Time

When it comes to Thanksgiving and getting a slice of pie at the end of the feast, pecan pie tends to be pretty high on the list of desserts people request. If you are not storing your pecan pie properly, however, it could go bad before you really have a chance to enjoy it or eat a slice with leftovers over the next week too. While there is a particular way to store pecan pie to ensure it stays as fresh as possible, there are several mistakes you could make that could cause it to go bad in the process. 

One mistake people make when storing pecan pie is sticking it in the refrigerator too early. If the pie is not completely cooled, then the filling will crack (via Share Postt). Other people might think it is okay to leave a pecan pie out on the counter for a long time after it has baked. While this is okay during the cooling process, pecan pies should go into the fridge within two hours of baking. The filling contains egg, which is why it has to go into the fridge. But keeping the pie cool will help it stay fresh for longer too (via Foods Guy).

This is how you should store pecan pie

To properly store pecan pie that has completely cooled, you'll need to wrap the pie in plastic wrap. Be careful to cover the entire surface tightly with plastic wrap all the way around the pan or plate that the pie is on. This will help keep the pie fresh for an extended period of time. The pie can keep in the fridge this way for up to three or four days. Be careful not to place anything on top of the pie as it sits in the fridge (via WikiHow).

If you can place the pie in an area of the fridge further away from the door where the temperature will remain at a steadier level, it will help keep the pie fresh. Though it is common for pecan pie to lose some of its crispness both in the pastry crust and in the nuts on top of the pie, following this storage technique will help preserve the pie best.

To reheat the pie, take it out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature. Once it has come to room temperature, place it in the oven preheated to 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. If you only want just a slice, be sure to just reheat your slice. This will help heat the pie through and return some of the crispness of the pie. So, take care of your pecan pie this year and enjoy it for days.