The Untold Truth Of Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

When it comes to experiments with alcohol, the sky is the limit if you think about it. One of the unique names in the industry is Skrewball with its ability to push the envelope and challenge conventional wisdom as a spirits brand. According to the company's official site, its inception took place in Ocean Beach, California and was the brainchild of a bartender and a food enthusiast who owned a local bar called OB Noodle House 1502.

Basically, Skrewball was co-founded by a couple, Steven and Brittany Yeng. The duo met when they were children and became high school sweethearts They decided to work together when they were about to start a family, which led to the inception of Skrewball. With Steven being a refugee from Cambodia who had survived polio and Brittany earning a master's degree in chemistry and a law degree — the couple's combined talents and wisdom helped them come up Skrewball Whiskey back in 2018, according to Bar Business Magazine.

The brand was the result of a passion for peanut butter and whiskey

As reported by the San Diego Union Tribune, Yeng first came up with peanut butter and whiskey shot when he was working at his eatery, OB Noodle House. His idea was incredibly popular among the restaurant's patrons and the duo figured it might be a good idea to serve their drink in a bottle. For him, it was the first time he ever tried peanut butter and appreciated its flavor was when he came to the U.S. as a refugee kid. His love for peanut butter never faded.

As an adult, he was curious to try and combine his old favorite with whiskey to come up with his creamy delicious shot. While it wasn't easy and even a bit messy to prepare the cocktail, the couple eventually figured out a way to make their concoction suitable for consumption. Their whiskey is 70-proof and has all natural peanut butter. Yummy.

Interestingly, the whiskey is publicized as a brand for the unconventional folks among us, the misfits, and the outcasts as its logo is basically a black sheep. How cool is that?

The brand got involved in controversies

Skrewball Whiskey has had its share of controversies already. As explained by the San Diego Union Tribune, the Yengs were accused of cheating and not staying true to their alleged partnership with baseball star David "Boomer" Wells and television personality Noah Tafolla. Both filed lawsuits against the couple in 2019 while the Yengs shot back with a complaint of their own, accusing Tafolla of being a "parasitic individual" who basically wanted to benefit from the couple's success. 

When it comes to the peanut butter whiskey itself, the product has received mixed reviews. A Reddit user posted a photo of the whiskey bottle with a title that said, "Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey – I didn't want to like it but I did."  A commentator posted how much they liked the peanut butter whiskey, explaining that they tried it at a bar with cranberry juice and felt like it was similar to what a peanut butter and jelly sandwich tastes like. They added that the drink left them at a loss for words.

However, Esquire's Sarah Rense wasn't too impressed with the whiskey which she reviewed in 2018. She called it "sickly sweet" and felt like it didn't live up to its potential. "It smells overwhelmingly of praline pecan caramel swirl ice cream, and tastes like it, too," she wrote. Perhaps you'll want to give it a shot to make up your own mind.