Wendy's Just Brought Back This Popular Meal Deal

Wendy's has reintroduced its 2 for $5 Meal Deal. For a limited time in participating stores, $5 will get you two of the following options: a Dave's Single, a Spicy Chicken sandwich, a packet of 10 Chicken Nuggets, or the Classic Chicken, a new option made available this year. Chew Boom clarifies that the nuggets may either be spicy or regular.

On top of being a new option for the 2 for $5's return, the Classic Chicken Sandwich is a still new offering in general. On October 22, CNN reported on the sandwich's launch, describing it as a juicer chicken fillet with mayo, a slice of tomato, pickles, and lettuce stacked inside their toasted buns. As the Classic Chicken Sandwich is still a novel entity, Wendy's is working hard to promote it in the everlasting chicken sandwich wars. Recently, they announced on Facebook that anyone who makes a purchase with the Wendy's app will receive a free Classic Chicken Sandwich from participating locations.

Comparing Wendy's big deals

Let's consider whether the 2 for $5 is the best deal to get, though. After all, Wendy's also offers a Biggie Bag and 4 for $4. The Biggie Bag consists of 10 chicken nuggets – either crispy or spicy – a Crispy Chicken Sandwich, small fries, and a small drink for $5. The 4 for $4, which on the face of it sounds like a better deal than the 2 for $5, gives for a Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich, four spicy nuggets, fries, and a drink.

Obviously, then, the deal you want depends on what you want to get out of your meal. As Elite Daily determined in 2019, you can double up on the 2 for $5 deal, meaning that for the $5 you can order 20 chicken nuggets or two Classic Chicken Sandwiches, for example. The other two deals, though, offer a rounder meal experience with drinks and fries included in their price. Assuming the option to double up is still available, the most optimal tactic to take with Wendy's new 2 for $5 deal, it would seem, is to go all out on the specific dish you prefer and buy sides if needed, as that will give you the best savings.