Why Alton Brown Deleted His Post-Election Twitter Meltdown

We're now well into season two of the Alton Brown post-election soap-operatic tweet fest. If you need help catching up on season one (which has now been permanently deleted from Twitter) here's a quick recap. Celebrity chef Alton Brown came out as a conservative who voted Republican in the past (liberal Twitter gasped). In a clarifying Tweet (and after Newsweek misrepresented his political affiliation) Alton Brown admitted to the Twitterverse that he voted for Biden. Both liberal Twitter and conservative Twitter attacked, and in a surprising season-finale, Brown blamed everything on pineapples. Of the Twitter tirade, this tweet still exists.

Honestly, we weren't expecting season two to drop so soon, but on the night of Tuesday, November 11, Brown took to Twitter once again. He deleted his tweets before many of his followers had a chance to be properly stunned. "He had a bunch of tweets up last night, basically referencing the attempted coup by republicans and Trump," one the more attentive Twitter users, @Vincalis1, explained to the rest of us who were left scratching our heads. Another user, @Solipsistic_God, took screenshots. In what can only be described as a second post-election Twitter meltdown, Brown asks, "when they move us to the camps, do you think they'll let us choose the state?" He goes on to say he'd choose either Kansas "because the sky is gorgeous there" or Key West. Brown further asks, "Do you think the camp uniforms will be striped, like the ones in Auschwitz, or will plaid be in vogue?"

How Twitter is reacting to Alton Brown's apology tweet

Alton Brown did not try to explain his World War II references away with pineapple conspiracy theories this time. Instead, he apologized. "It was not a reference I made for humorous effect but rather to reflect how deeply frightened I am for our country. It was a very poor use of judgement and in poor taste," a much soberer Brown wrote. For many of Alton Brown's fans, it wasn't enough. "I'm worried about you, dude. Do you have someone you can talk to? Like, a therapist?," asked Twitter user @abluedrag. "I'm terrified of what's happening, too, but you stooped so low. It's not a joke," @catbear_lola reprimanded him. "Can we stick to cooking rather than having your personal political opinion thrown at us?" pleaded politics-weary Twitter user @MyBestEats21, "We can find that just about everywhere else." 

Are you ready for season two's plot twist? In what is no doubt a clear sign of how polarized even food Twitter has become, not everyone was offended by Brown's holocaust jokes. "You aren't the only one scared. Have family who literally avoided Concentration Camp, because the train derailed. It is mind boggling that people don't see what is happening," sympathized @parkersis. "The current president put children in cages, and had peaceful protesters tear gassed for a photo op so I would say that in this particular case, he's not entirely off base," argued @bassplyr5150. Let's hope for Brown's sake this is the end of the television star's controversial posts for a while and we don't get a season three.