Hendrick's Gin Announced This Bizarre New Product Just In Time For The Holidays

Most of the time, PR stunts are pretty boring, or even verge on headache-inducing — looking at you, Whopper-scented perfume! (via New York Post). Then, every so often, one will come along that makes you want more than just the product being discreetly advertised, but the stunt product as well. That's where Hendrick's Gin's new High Wheel pedals haughtily in (via Hendrick's Gin).

With the current state of the world, we're all trying to stay motivated to workout at home, while simultaneously trying not to get bored of staring at the same walls, art, and furniture day in and day out. The perfect solution? Hendrick's believe it's a stationary bike designed to look like a vintage penny farthing ride (via Travel and Leisure). The product has a stylish frame and knocks traditional exercise equipment all at the same time, with Hendrick's calling their bike a "delightfully intricate stationary pedaling device that offers a leisurely, pleasant alternative to the home workout devices on the market today." But the shade doesn't stop there; Vance Henderson, the Scottish gin maker's ambassador to the U.S., continued: "In our view, modern exercise devices are demanding and intrusive...We take a more laissez-faire approach. Choose a good novel, stimulate your mind, and pedal away at your own leisure!" Sounds a whole lot easier than a Soul Cycle class, that's for sure.

Why you might want to try Hendrick's bike

If you do decide to bring this $2,493.11 High Wheel into your home, rest assured that you'll get more than just a set of decorative, stationary wheels. The bike features a "hydration holder" (i.e. cup holder); a "proof of effort incandescent bulb," which is on the front and illuminates by the force of your peddling; an adjustable seat, and a tiny grass lawn underneath the bike, decorated with rose petals to add to the elegance of your mild exertion. After all, this is a high-class, low-tech bike experience (via Bicycling).

Beyond those features, the Hendrick's website claims that the High Wheel will boost your coordination (presumably since getting up onto the high seat via the side peg or back staircase will require some effort), add to your list of conversation topics (no arguments here), and "function as a literary device," since the bike features a book stand and comes with an exercise manual. However, if you're planning on peddling away on your bougie bike while sipping on the Hendrick's Gin in your "hydration holder," the brand recommends against it: "Users are encouraged to pedal first and enjoy Hendrick's responsibly afterwards."