These Giant Ritz Crackers Make The Perfect Edible Charcuterie Platter

Everyone can appreciate the deliciousness of a Ritz cracker, right? They are savory, salty, buttery perfection and pair oh-so-well with other noshes like cheese, spreads, and a slice of salami or two. Naturally, Ritz crackers deserve a place on your charcuterie platter but...what if they just were the platter itself? Well, in a stroke of pure snack-related genius, that's exactly what the folks behind Ritz crackers have done, per Delish.

Ritz just introduced their 10-inch Holiday Party Platters (which really are actual giant, edible Ritz crackers) in posts on Instagram and Twitter. But, the brand has been hinting at this reveal for days. The campaign started on Nov. 7 with Ritz's retweet of user @laurahbryant's July 22, 2019 assertion that, "if a charcuterie board doesn't include Ritz crackers it's worthless tbh." Who knew one innocent (but totally accurate) tweet would inspire such creativity from Ritz? But if you think you can just stroll into the grocery store and grab your Ritz Holiday Party Platter (what aisle would they be on, BTW? Crackers? Household supplies?), think again.

Only contest entrants can win a Ritz Holiday Party Platter

The 10-inch edible party platter Ritz Crackers just revealed has arrived in perfect time for the holidays, when having trays of snacks on hand is pretty much mandatory. But, the only way you'll be treating your family to a display of cheese and crackers on a giant cracker this year is if you entered Ritz's Instagram sweepstakes before it ended Nov. 12. Otherwise, you'll have to wait it out with the rest of us and hope Ritz makes these crunchy platters available in stores sometime soon.

In the meantime, we'll be stocking up on other festive snacks like Aldi's Thanksgiving chips and all the holiday treats Trader Joe's has to offer. In case the giant Ritz crackers do suddenly come available, we'll also be brushing up on our charcuterie presentations, maybe using Aldi's mini charcuterie board as a tasty little bit of inspiration.