This New Aldi Product Is Making Vegan Thanksgiving Easy

Thanksgiving gives us the perfect excuse to get together with friends and family and eat until we're so stuffed we can no longer move. While many of us look forward to the turkey centerpiece at each feast, vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, and anyone looking to avoid meat during the holiday season often feels the strain of passing up some of the festive cheer. The appeal of meatless turkey has caught on over the years, and the numbers don't lie. According to Fortune, the meat-alternative brand Tofurky has sold over 5 million of their Thanksgiving roasts as of 2018. With this kind of mass appreciation for turkey alternatives, it's high time some new competition stepped in. Luckily, those meat-free Thanksgiving prayers have now been answered.

Enter Earth Grown Vegan's Meatless Turkey Breast, a meat-free turkey product that can accommodate even the strictest vegan diet. According to Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit, this easy turkey substitute has officially hit Aldi stores just in time for our pre-Thanksgiving meal planning — talk about perfect timing. If you'd like to try this meat alternative, we recommend hurrying over to your nearest Aldi as soon as possible; every store may not carry the product and when supplies run out, Earth Grown Vegan's Meatless Turkey Breasts may not return (via Aldi).

Why you should give Aldi's Meatless Turkey Breast a try

If you do manage to get your hands on Earth Grown Vegan's Meatless Turkey Breast, you can plan on having a much more relaxing holiday. According to The Kitchn, it takes 24 hours to thaw a 5 pound bird. You want to buy a turkey that weighs at least one pound per person you're cooking for, so assuming you still need to feed a small crowd this year, you have to spend around two days simply thawing the meat before you can even think of putting the poultry in your oven. Factor in any time spent dressing and basting your bird, preparing additional sides, and cooking almost everything in the oven, and you might end up spending the entire day in the kitchen instead of relaxing with loved ones.

When you compare the traditional turkey cooking process to Earth Grown Vegan's product, the differences seem like night and day. Instead of slaving away in the kitchen for days leading up to the holidays, the meal takes far less time to prepare and could even be warmed up in a microwave (according to one review on abillonveg) if you are really pressed for time. Don't forget about your non-meat eating friends and family this holiday season and have an inclusive celebration with this restive Aldi product.