Everything You Need To Know About Snickers' New Peanut Brownie

If you like Snickers, and you like baked goods, then get ready. Snickers Peanut Brownie Squares, which combine the chocolatey, peanut-y, caramel-filled taste of Snickers with a soft, moist brownie filling, are going to hit the shelves this December. We've known about the brownie since last July, but we didn't think it was going to be available until 2021. Now, however, according to a press release from Snickers' parent company Mars, we're going to get to try these brownie candies this year (via Cision PR Newswire). Good thing, because for hard-core chocolate fans, the anticipation has been building long enough. 

"Since our announcement this summer, fans have shown tremendous enthusiasm toward SNICKERS Peanut Brownie — and now the wait to try our biggest innovation to date is over," said Snickers brand director Josh Olken. "We're excited for all of our fans to get their hands on this new satisfying mashup of two beloved and comforting treats: SNICKERS bars and brownies."

How to preorder

Back in July, Snickers offered its fans a chance to get a sneak preview of their brownie squares by entering a limited-edition giveaway, where 1,000 lucky early birds got to claim a free box of these brownie candies (via Chew Boom). Now, you don't need to be a lucky super fan to try these. All you need to do is head to Walmart's Snickers Peanut Brownie Squares Chocolate Candy Bar product page, where you can preorder a box of 24 2.4-ounce share packs now. 

"Life's full of hidden problems. So we hid a comforting brownie in a Snickers," the product description explains. "New Snickers Peanut Brownie Squares delivers the comfort of fresh-baked brownies combined with the satisfaction of SNICKERS candy bars. Snickers Peanut Brownie chocolate candy bars ends the debate of what makes the perfect brownie with just the right amount of nutty brownie goodness topped with caramel and nuts — all covered in chocolate." 

If that sounds amazing to you, you're lucky the wait is almost over.