Mountain Dew Fans Are Divided On This Returning Holiday Flavor

Judging from the opinions expressed on social media, the limited-edition Mountain Dew flavor Merry Mash-Up is either the best thing since pumpkin spice lattes, or it's a carbonated version of holiday fruitcake. Love it or hate it, Mountain Dew fans are finding the festive flavor on store shelves once again (via Instagram).

This is the third winter in a row Mountain Dew has come out with this particular version of holiday cheer. While the label is subtly different this year — featuring some very pointy poinsettias — the flavor has remained the same: cranberry pomegranate. Ocean Spray decided at some point that the flavor combination works, though Mountain Dew fans aren't sure if it translates to their favorite soft drink.

Reddit user ba0bo0 slipped into the mountaindew subreddit to let everyone know they weren't a fan. "I think it tastes like cough syrup," they said. Reddit user rubyisdead didn't agree, but added that they felt a little bit lonely in their opinion. "I love Merry Mash-Up and it seems like no one does. All my friends hate it and everything. I guess that's more for me, but a drink is only half the fun when you can't enjoy it with friends." Yet another user dismissed the opinion that started the Reddit thread. "I feel like whenever someone doesn't like a Dew flavor they describe it as cough syrup," _Waffle_Man_ declared.

Twitter users are divided on Mountain Dew's Merry Mash-Up

Jumping to Twitter, opinions about Mountain Dew's holiday-themed Merry Mash-Up remain mixed. High schooler @Bneb0100 had high praise. "If darkness is the absence of light, then depression is the absence of Mountain Dew Merry-Mashup," he tweeted. Twitter user David Payne also likes the Mash-Up, although it isn't his favorite Mountain Dew flavor. "Mtn Dew Merry Mash-Up is pretty fire. Doesn't top Code Red tho," Payne tweeted.

Not everyone has jumped on the Merry Mash-Up bandwagon. Nick Fury thought he'd do the Twitter community a favor with this "public service announcement." He stated, "I'm usually a big fan of Mountain Dew products but this Merry Mash-Up Christmas flavor is kind of nasty."

You'd have to assume Merry Mash-Up is an improvement over Mountain Dew's previous seasonal offering, Holiday Brew. The people at PepsiCo must have put about ten seconds of research and development into that special flavor. The reviewers at The Impulsive Buy said Holiday Brew was simply a mixture of green and red: half-Code Red and half-regular Mountain Dew. They gave it a seven out of ten, which isn't too terrible considering.

So, you be the judge: Pick up some Merry Mash-Up if you can find it, or buy some original Mountain Dew and Code Red, and mix. Either way, your taste buds will get to know what Mountain Dew thinks the holidays taste like.