These Popular Holiday Yogurt Flavors Are Returning To Aldi

As the holiday season gets geared up, Aldi is bringing back some popular Greek yogurt flavors that will have you feeling festive from the moment you sit down for breakfast. There are certain flavors that just go with the holidays, thanks to dishes we eat at Thanksgiving and the treats we make at Christmas. Aldi has taken a few of those festive flavors and packed them into single serving yogurt cups. Starting now, you can visit your local Aldi store to see if they have cranberry, mint chocolate chip, or egg nog flavored Greek yogurts in stock. 

The Instagram account @youraldibff spotted these holiday yogurts in California on November 17th. They snapped a photo and posted it to their account with the caption, "Look what I found!!! My favorite yogurt is back!!! Egg nog is a dream and so I [sic] mint chip!! Cranberry is yummy but, I love the sweet stuff. Who else loves trying all the yogurt?!" Commenters were quick to chime in, with a couple of people saying they really liked the cranberry and mint chocolate chip flavors. However, several people were all about the eggnog yogurt cups.

Here's what you need to know about each festive flavor

The seasonal Greek yogurts costs just $0.79 each. According to Aldi Reviewer, that's the same price as the regular Greek yogurt flavors at Aldi, and we think a complete steal. Apart from the price point, however, these holiday yogurts are not exactly uniform. The cranberry flavor has the fewest calories at 130, next up is the eggnog flavor with 140 calories, and finally the mint chocolate chip, which unsurprisingly has the most calories at 170.

According to Aldi Reviewer, the cranberry flavor is rather mild and only has a strong cranberry flavor when you get a bit of the boiled cranberry fruit that's mixed in — so if you're looking for a sharp and tart yogurt, this isn't it (though the outlet says it is still pretty tasty). They state that the eggnog flavor is very creamy and tastes simply like spices at first, but say there is an aftertaste that reminded them a lot of real egg nog. Lastly, the mint chocolate chip flavor is described as being pudding-like with a minty flavor that isn't overwhelming. Aldi Reviewer loved the nice crunch the chocolate flakes add, too. So next time you visit your local Aldi, pick up a few of these festive Greek yogurt flavors to try.