White Castle's Stuffing Is A Total Game-Changer

How cool do you have to be to get Coolio to demonstrate your stuffing recipe online? We don't know. You'll need to ask the folks at White Castle, who are collaborating with the rapper and chef who found fame with the song "Gangsta's Paradise" and (to a much lesser extent) the online show Cookin' with Coolio (via a White Castle press release).

White Castle's turkey stuffing recipe is actually older than the rapper's world-famous song, which ruled the airwaves in 1995 (via Rolling Stone). While there's nothing new in White Castle's original stuffing recipe, it is sure to get a new spin from Coolio. After all, he wrote a cookbook that measures ingredients by the dime bag rather than the tablespoon (via The Pizzle). The headline ingredient in White Castle stuffing is – you guessed it – the hamburger chain's signature sliders. The recipe calls for one chopped-up slider for every pound of weight on your Thanksgiving bird.

Let's back up and say there is something new in stuffing at White Castle after all. The chain introduced its Impossible Slider stuffing recipe just last year, one year after White Castle started selling the meatless hamburger in its restaurants.

White Castle scores cool points with a social-media influencer and Coolio

White Castle claims to be the oldest hamburger chain in America, but old doesn't mean out of touch with current trends. In addition to its partnership with an iconic rapper, White Castle is working with social-media influencer Tim Chantarangsu. He'll post videos for his 4.2 million YouTube subscribers showing how he does a White Castle-inspired "Fancy Friendsgiving." "Fancy," because many of us have been spending way too much time in sweatpants or pajamas. "Friendsgiving," because this year the safer holiday plan involves celebrating with a few close friends instead of traveling great distances to visit relatives and risk exposure to COVID-19. Chantarangsu will promote the hashtag #WhiteCastleFriendsgiving, which people can use to enter a contest for a collectible gravy boat. While a gravy boat doesn't sound all that hip, it scores a few cool points because White Castle calls it a "Cravey Boat," named after its Craver fan base.

We're fairly certain some of the Friendsgiving celebrations will involve substituting sliders for turkey. "In a year unlike any other, we're redefining how people celebrate Thanksgiving. Whether you're flying solo, hosting a virtual gathering or joining a few friends and family members, we want to help make it a holiday to remember," White Castle VP Jamie Richardson said.