The Simple Egg Hack That Will Make Breakfast So Much Easier

You know what they say: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, some mornings, when you're rushing around trying to get ready for work, you barely have time to pour a cup of coffee as you fly out the door, let alone cook a nutritious meal. But before you settle for a stale granola bar — or worse, nothing at all — there are a few easy ways to whip up a delicious breakfast in under five minutes. The best part? There are no fancy tools or advanced cooking skills required.

From overnight oats to meal-prepped smoothies, the Internet is full of quick breakfast hacks that will change your life. There is one, in particular, however, that's perfect for anyone who loves a good breakfast sandwich. Using this easy trick, you can skip the drive-thru (and aforementioned stale granola bar) and recreate the beloved Egg McMuffin at home. Psst: It's worth waking up five minutes earlier for, trust us. 

All you need is a jar lid for this egg hack

If you've ever tried to make your own breakfast sandwich at home, you know that the most time-consuming part is making the egg. All of the other components (the bread, the cheese, and the meat) are already prepared and just need to be assembled. But the egg requires cooking, and it rarely turns out the way it is on an Egg McMuffin. Either the yolk breaks, leaving you with a scrambled mess, or it spreads out on your pan and ends up being way too big for your English muffin.

However, according to Delish, if you have the ring from a mason jar lid, you can easily solve the dilemma that is the misshapen egg. Simply grease the inside of a clean ring with butter or oil, then place it on a griddle or pan. Pour your egg into the ring and, once the egg starts to set, gently remove the ring. Your egg will maintain its circular shape and you can flip it with a spatula to finish cooking it. The result when it's all said and done? A perfectly round egg that fits neatly on your sandwich. You're welcome.