Here's How To Get A Free Thanksgiving Dinner At Walmart

Thanksgiving can stress out the best of us, especially if we volunteered to cook the feast this year. With food at the forefront of the festivities, the pressure to roll out a full feast seems near impossible and the drive to impress hasn't slowed down in recent years. According to Finder, Americans are projected to spend $1.1 billion on Thanksgiving turkey this year. With the cost of turkey only going up, our wallets might be feeling an increase of stress as well (via Finder). This comes as terrible news, as many of us have felt the economic strain this year as a result of the pandemic (via Bureau of Economic Analysis). For those of us who want to take a bit of pressure off, Ibotta has some good news for our holiday planning.

According to TMZ, the cash-back app has teamed up with Butterball, Campbell's, Coca-Cola, French's, Great Value, Idahoan, and McCormick to offer full-price rebates on a fixed menu of 9 products this holiday season. The product list, which contains holiday essentials like mashed potatoes, gravy, cream of mushroom soup, and turkey breast, has to get picked up at a Walmart in order to qualify for this deal (via TMZ).

Can I get other deals at Walmart for Thanksgiving?

While the Ibotta deals can make anyone's Thanksgiving so much easier and save a ton of money, the promotion has some caveats. According to Ibotta, the rebate only applies to a select few items, so don't feel like you can get any kind of gravy your heart desires. If you purchase the goods in person, you also still have to spend money first before you get paid back, so don't assume these items show up as free the moment they hit the register (via Ibotta). You also have to shop at Walmart to purchase the goods, but fortunately, we have the option to either buy the products online or in-person, making for a bit more convenience on our end (via TMZ).

In order to take advantage of these awesome deals, you also need to download the Ibotta app or Chrome extension and save your receipts (via TMZ). Once you download the app at Ibotta's webpage, simply scan your Walmart receipt or visit the Walmart webpage with your browser extension enabled to save on products this year (via Ibotta). With so much stress racked up through the course of 2020, it's high time the universe cut us some slack, and if you plan on cooking this holiday season, relax and save some money — you deserve it.